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Add Attic Insulation to Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Published on April 16, 2020

Hard to believe, but it’s finally time to say goodbye to winter and welcome back the spring. For many homeowners, the Spring Cleaning Checklist is part of an annual protocol. But at the same time, many homeowners forget to include attic insulation on the list.

In Toronto, attic insulation is a key part of annual home maintenance – indeed, quite essential to home comfort and personal health. Sure, it makes sense to do a spring clean up on the outside of the home, but there should be more focus on the attic and roof cavity.

Why your attic should be part of your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Because the attic is out-of-sight in most residential homes, it’s often out-of-mind. The problem is that winter can pose a number of issues throughout the attic, and without proper oversight, small problems can quickly become big problems.

For a start, extreme winter freezing can perpetuate roof damage, which typically results in roof leaks. As spring approaches, melting snow and ice can create water damage to the structure of the roof and additional damage to insulation.

In homes where attic ventilation may be inadequate, winter/spring weather can contribute to mold growth. This is simply because of the high level of air moisture – poor ventilation does not allow for proper airflow to control moisture.

With the winter weather in Toronto, attics offer a very comfortable environment for animals and insects. More than that, attic insulation provides an ideal nesting area. This has the potential for contamination, as well as possible health risks.

How a clean attic can protect your home and your family

A clean attic is the best way to prevent animal contamination, mold growth, and/or deteriorating insulation. All of these can affect the health of home occupants and can compromise immunity. Here, an annual attic inspection can be of value.
For homeowners in Toronto, a professional attic inspection will determine potential weak points in the attic and roof cavity – the source and cause of any roof leaks; the integrity of installed attic insulation; and the effectiveness of ventilation.

Spring is actually an ideal opportunity to deal with the attic as part of a spring-cleaning protocol. Best of all, in the event that repairs or retrofits are required, this work can be done well before the inclement weather reappears next season.

For professional attic insulation in Toronto EcoComfort specializes in blown-in insulation

With every attic insulation project, EcoComfort provides a professional inspection that assesses the entirety of the attic and roof cavity. Our in-house attic specialists do it all – from repairs, to retrofits, to the re-installation of new insulation material.

At EcoComfort, we specialize in blown-in cellulose insulation. Prior to installation, we determine the types of upgrades required in order to deliver optimum performance. This may include leak repairs to the attic/roof, as well as ventilation upgrades.

During the COVID-19 crisis, EcoComfort is taking special care to serve customers in the safest way possible. Our teams wear protective gear and take precautionary measures in every home. 

Find out more by calling 416-333-4554 or visit our website.

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