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Attic Ventilation 

Proper attic ventilation is a must for attic insulation to perform. It’s simply counter-productive to insulate the attic without properly ventilating the space. Air circulation in the attic prevents the accumulation of moisture and stops condensation buildup in the winter months. In summer, attic ventilation allows for a cooler roof cavity, which reduces heat transfer. In the long term, a properly ventilated attic and roof cavity will prolong the lifespan of the entire roof structure.

Attic ventilation is a must for insulation performance 

For the professionals at EcoComfort, attic ventilation goes hand in hand with insulation. We treat every attic as unique, and we install customized ventilation to suit the needs of the space. That’s why we offer a FREE attic inspection before any work is performed – we want to ensure that the most appropriate ventilation components are installed throughout. And here, we can offer a wide range of options – from soffit vents, to rafter vents, to ridge vents, to turbine and solar vents.

Attic ventilation provides a number of advantages

The importance of attic ventilation is often underestimated. This is shortsighted because air circulation in the attic is critical to roof design. Intake vents and exhaust vents are proactive and preventive – they ensure optimum performance for the “building envelope”. Consequently, there are a number of advantages for the homeowner who decides to ventilate the right way.

  • attic temperature is balanced and moderate (also helps the entire home)
  • moisture buildup is prevented, and condensation issues are diminished
  • roofing materials and insulation materials don’t suffer from deterioration
  • with far less heat buildup, energy efficiency through the home is enhanced
  • better-quality attic ventilation makes for lower heating and cooling costs
  • asphalt roofing shingles suffer less from condensation and last far longer

EcoComfort offers a range of attic ventilation solutions

After an in-depth attic inspection, EcoComfort determines the best approach to ventilation, and the best venting solution for the space. We want to guarantee the best performance for the price.

Low Profile Vents

These basic roof vents have no moving parts, and are strategically installed in different parts of the roof. Based on natural air convection, they allow rising hot air and moisture to vent. These are also known as “box vents” and perform effectively when installed close to the roof ridge.

Static Ridge Vents

Ridge vents do not have moving parts. They are installed along the entire length of a roof’s horizontal ridge, and when combined with soffit venting, are very efficient. Season to season, ridge vents provide even temperature distribution throughout the attic and roof cavity.

Soffit/Eave Vents

Soffit vents provide air intake into the roof. They are installed in soffits and eaves, increasing the overall airflow of outside air entering the attic space. Soffit vents offer the most effective attic ventilation when installed in conjunction with ridge vents – it creates a ventilation system.

Rafter Vents

Rafter vents are designed to keep soffit vents clear so that outside air can easily move into the attic and then get ventilated out. As a complete attic ventilation system, professional installers will place rafter vents strategically so that installed insulation material is not adversely affected.

Gable Vents

Where recommended, gable vents would be installed in the gable portion of the roof (the peak).

Also referred to as “gable-end” vents, these are designed to work with the intake vents (soffits or eaves). The idea is for air to move into the attic from intake vents and out through gable vents.

Power Vents

Power vents are motorized, and designed to remove hot air and moisture from the attic and roof cavity. Depending on size and mechanics, these vents can be controlled by temperature and/or humidity. Electrically powered, these units are quiet while doing an excellent job of ventilation.

EcoComfort – the attic ventilation professionals

For ultimate performance, attics should be properly insulated and properly ventilated. At EcoComfort, a combination of thorough inspection and comprehensive installation guarantees maximum performance. All products are warrantied and every install is guaranteed.

EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting provides services in the Greater Toronto Area and neighboring communities. From insulation to ventilation, we do our best to exceed customer expectations. More importantly, we manage every project from beginning to end.

To find out more, call EcoComfort for a free home estimate at 416-333-4554 or visit the company website at .

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