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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits will properly insulating my attic give me?

Dollar for dollar, Insulating your attic space is perhaps the most effective energy-saving upgrade you can do in your home. A home with a properly insulated attic will retain heat significantly better in the winter. This means your furnace will not have to run all day to keep up, saving you money on heating. In the summer, the home will be noticeably cooler (especially upstairs) by reducing heat transfer, and keeping your cool A/C air inside the home. This means your A/C will not run as often either, saving you money on cooling.

What kind of insulation is recommended for insulating my attic?

The two most common materials for insulating an attic is blown-in Cellulose, or blown-in Fibreglass insulation. EcoComfort offers both! We only use Canadian made materials, and will recommend the material best suited for your home during your free inspection.

How do you prevent my attic ventilation from getting blocked during installation?

One of the biggest mistakes in the industry is upgrading attic insulation without protecting soffit ventilation. Attic ventilation is just as important as insulation, andEcoComfort always ensures all attic vents are protected and optimized for maximum airflow prior to installation of any new insulation.

Is it necessary to vacate my house for a certain amount of time when insulating my attic?

No, you do not have to leave your home during or after the project. EcoComfort does not use any materials that could be hazardous or cause off-gassing.

How long does the job typically take?

All jobs are usually completed within one day. For an average sized home, our insulation upgrade package usually takes between 2-4 hours to complete. Our insulation removal package usually takes between 6-12 hours to complete

How much mess is there during the process?

There is very little mess created during our projects. All machinery and materials are outside on our trucks. There may be a little but of dust that will fall from your attic hatch during application. Our crews always protect your home with drop sheets and do a thorough vacuum upon completion of the job. It will be as if we were never there!

How does EcoComfort accept payment?

We accept all major credit cards, debit and personal cheques as payment upon 100% completion of the job, and upon 100% customer satisfaction.

Does EcoComfort subcontract - out jobs?

EcoComfort does NOT subcontract-out work. All of our projects are completed by our full time employees with many years of experience in attic insulation.

Does EcoComfort hire salesmen on commission?

EcoComfort does not pay commissions to sales people. All sales are performed by salaried employees, so you can feel good knowing you are not paying extra for sales mark-ups.

Are there any hidden or surprise costs?

There are NEVER any hidden or surprise costs associated with your insulation project. We pride ourselves in being 100% transparent in our quoting, and if there is ever any extra work that needs to be done due to unforeseen circumstances, the homeowner is always notified first.

Will I be able to see before and after pictures of my project?

Yes! Our crews are happy to take pictures of the process for you, just mention it to them upon their arrival.

Will I be able to take a look in my attic upon completion?

Yes! We love showing the finished product to our clients, so you can see the difference, before you feel the difference.

I have raccoons/squirrels in my attic, should I call EcoComfort or Pest Control first?

If you currently have raccoons or squirrels in your attic, please contract pest control first to evict your unwelcome guests, before calling us to fix the damages in the attic.

Does EcoComfort remove asbestos or hazardous materials from attics?

EcoComfort does NOT remove or work with any asbestos or other hazardous materials.

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