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Attic and Roof Leak Repairs

At one point or another, every homeowner realizes the importance of the roof and attic as functioning elements of the home. Whatever the size of a home, the roof and attic comprises a “system” that works together to protect the building structure, while providing a comfortable living space. As for proper care of the roof and attic, short-term maintenance will deliver long-term benefits. This is especially true when it comes time to make attic and roof leak repairs.

Attic and roof leak repairs require expert attention  

When maintenance is neglected, including attic and roof leak repairs, the potential for damage can result in serious restoration work. That’s why it’s important to have the roof inspected from season to season, and professionally assessed for necessary repairs. Here, a preventive approach will really pay off – doing routine attic and roof leak repairs will allow for proper upkeep and the prevention of bigger problems, not to mention emergency situations with plenty of damage.

Why it’s important to have your attic and roof leaks repaired

At EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting, roofs and attics are the specialty. Our in-house roofing experts offer professional repairs, tune-ups, and even full roof replacement. From structural damage, to missing shingles, to ventilation issues, we can do it all! Our people are experienced, and all work includes a complete labour warranty. What’s most important is that we do it right the first time, with attic and roof leak repairs that stand the test of time, season after season.

Various reasons for attic and roof leaks

For the most part, homeowners don’t ever go into their attic. The fact is, few homeowners know what to do up there or what to look for in the event of problems. With something serious like water leakage, there’s much to consider – there may be a roof leak; there may be ice damming; there may even be a high level of attic condensation. And here, finding the origin and extent of the leakage is likely beyond the capacity of the average homeowner.

Identifying the source of the leak & fixing the leakage problem

In any attic, discovering the origin of a water leak is going to be difficult – even if there are water stains (as evidence), the source could be anywhere. With a professional inspection, an expert can pinpoint water leakage whether it’s in the roof sheathing, the chimneystack, the attic vents, or the HVAC ducting. Professionals understand how water behaves - they have the expertise to uncover the source of the leakage and explain why it’s actually happening.

With EcoComfort, homeowners can rest assured that the source of leakage will be identified, and a solution will be at hand. EcoComfort does it all – shingle replacement and complete roof restoration. And because the roof and attic operate as a “system”, there may be other elements to consider, like improving vapour barriers, retrofitting attic ventilation, and providing better air sealing. In short, EcoComfort finds a solution.

EcoComfort – for professional attic and roof leak repairs

EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting offers attic and roof leak repairs throughout the Greater Toronto Area. With  high-quality roof inspections, and fully warrantied products, every installation is guaranteed. Our people do their best to exceed customer expectations. For more information, or to arrange for a FREE estimate, call EcoComfort at 416-333-4554. Find out more about our services by visiting the company website at .

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