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Hot or Cold - How Attic Insulation Helps All Year Round

Published on July 03, 2020

Most homeowners think that attic insulation is only designed to keep their homes warm in winter. The fact is, attic insulation is important throughout the year, including keeping the home cool and comfortable throughout the summer.

Homeowners who upgrade their attic insulation in Toronto can make a big difference in the temperature of their homes all year round. The results are both noticeable and measurable – seasonal home comfort is enhanced and annual utility bills are reduced.

To achieve optimum results, attic insulation requires a professional installation. Professionals understand insulation products and have the expertise to install a “system” that includes air sealing, insulation, and ventilation.

Understanding How Attic Insulation Works 

Essentially, attic insulation is a barrier that reduces heat transfer – meaning the amount of heat that passes from the inside of the home to the outside (and vice versa). During the winter, insulation keeps your heat inside, while in the summer the barrier keeps hot air out and cooler air inside.

From a technical perspective, there are three types of heat transfer that professionals consider:

  • Conduction is heat that passes through a material – like a spoon sitting in a hot cup of coffee.
  • Convection is heat that circulates through a liquid or gas (that’s why warm air always rises).
  • Radiant heat moves in a straight line, warming the surroundings, like heat from a fireplace.

Maintaining Attic Insulation Year After Year

When it comes to maintaining attic insulation in Toronto, it’s wise to have an annual inspection. The thing is, the attic is basically “out-of-sight” and small problems can turn into big problems. In fact, winter freezing and spring melting can often result in damage that can affect the insulation.

In some homes, attic insulation may have settled over time, affecting thermal performance, and thus affecting winter and summer effectiveness. An annual inspection will determine if upgrades are required and to what extent. As well, air ventilation can be assessed for overall performance.

How To Insulate Your Attic/Roof Cavity

Homeowners upgrading their attic insulation in Toronto would do well by installing blown-in cellulose. This product has excellent coverage throughout the attic space and provides high R-Values at the same time. Professionally installed, blown-in cellulose effectively blocks air leaks.

With proven results, blown-in cellulose does an excellent job when combined with the proper air sealing and air ventilation. It’s a very cost-effective installation because it requires less work and fewer man-hours than other products. The return-on-investment makes for a worthwhile project.

Attic insulation From The Experts at EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting

There’s no question that a well-insulated attic enhances energy efficiency and improves home comfort. With EcoComfort, homeowners are assured of insulation materials that are both safe and chemical-free – and with installation work that’s fully guaranteed.

EcoComfort provides attic insulation in Toronto and throughout the GTA. We do it all – from attic inspection to insulation removal, to quality installation. Our team of professionals will efficiently manage your attic insulation project from end to end.

Find out more about attic insulation in Toronto by calling 416-333-4554 or visiting the company website at .

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