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How to Improve Attic Ventilation

Published on July 13, 2020

In the attic and roof cavity, proper ventilation is an absolute must – it keeps the roof in good condition, extends the life of shingles, and keeps the house comfortable from season to season.

Attics without proper ventilation will often require roof vent installation in order to remedy certain issues. In a serious case, roof leak repair may be required when there is roof damage.

Most importantly, good attic ventilation ensures the optimum performance of attic insulation. When properly vented, the attic can better regulate the flow of warm air and air moisture.        

Improved Attic Ventilation Benefits The Entire House

In many homes, it’s a good idea for homeowners to inspect the attic and roof cavity from time to time. This is an opportunity to check the ventilation capacity as well as the condition of installed insulation. Good attic ventilation reduces heat buildup and moisture accumulation – both very important in summer and winter. The idea is to keep the attic dry and with steady air circulation.

Because every attic and roof is different, roof vent installation has to be customized to suit the home’s needs. It means that various types of vents must be installed – like soffit vents, rafter vents, and ridge vents. Proper attic ventilation is particularly important in winter because the home tends to be “sealed up”. Good ventilation makes the home “breathable” and therefore more comfortable.

Why You Need Attic Ventilation

A home that is not well ventilated allows undesirable air moisture to collect in the attic cavity and throughout the home. On the flip side, good ventilation provides balanced indoor temperatures, without those problematic “hot and cold” spots from room to room. Finally, a well-ventilated attic prevents mold from growing and allows for a dry space that doesn’t attract rodents and pests.

Unlike other home improvement projects, attic ventilation shouldn’t be considered a weekend DIY project. This is work that requires both experience and expertise – work that is best left to a professional. More than that, there may problems to remedy – like poorly installed insulation – or roof damage that needs roof leak repair – or customized components that need some expertise.

Homeowners upgrading their attic ventilation will experience benefits almost immediately. In many cases, the indoor air will be fresher and less humid. This is particularly true throughout the summer months. Improved ventilation also allows the HVAC system to work more efficiently. It means that in winter and summer, the system is less burdened, with utility bills being reduced.

EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting specializes in Roof Vent installation

Throughout the GTA, EcoComfort specializes in residential roof vent installation. We inspect your attic thoroughly and recommend the most effective ventilation options. If the roof and/or attic are damaged, we can also provide professional roof leak repair.

At EcoComfort, we do it all – from inspecting the attic to providing roof vents, to installing attic insulation. We guarantee a quality job from end to end, including air sealing, ventilation, and insulation – a system that delivers results winter and summer. 
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