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Is There Such A Thing As Too much Attic Insulation?

Published on February 19, 2020

Attic insulation is usually out-of-sight, so the benefits are often unnoticed by homeowners. A well-insulated attic actually makes a big contribution to a residential home – from saving on energy consumption, to maintaining seasonal comfort, to regulating indoor temperature.

With attic insulation, there’s sometimes a question about having the “right amount”. Clearly, a home can be under-insulated, and across Canada there are many millions of homes in this category. But can there be too much insulation in the attic space? Well, in some cases – yes.

Can you have too much attic insulation?

In general, the more insulation you have, the better. But there may also be a point where professionals consider it to be “too much.” A home that is over-insulated and tightly sealed may create unintentional problems. That’s why the attic space has to work as a “system”.

For example, without the proper attic ventilation, an over-insulated space causes moisture to build up, which then compromises insulation performance and even causes mold growth. Attic ventilation allows warm air to vent, while preventing condensation and ice damming.

How much insulation should there be?

Insulation performance is measured in R-Values – it’s the ability of the insulation material to resist heat flow. Typically, the higher the R-Values, the better the thermal performance. In attics, it’s recommended to install R-38 (10 to 16 inches of material, depending on type).

Along with proper air sealing and air ventilation, the attic is the best place to enhance your insulation performance. There will be a dramatic improvement in home comfort, and very noticeable improvement in energy efficiency. As well, there will be annual energy savings.

Attic ventilation and insulation upgrades from the professionals at EcoComfort

Any professional will tell you that it’s counter-productive to fully insulate the attic without ventilating the space. Proper ventilation is simply a must for insulation to perform. For the experts at EcoComfort, installing roof vents goes hand-in-hand with installing insulation.

Because every home is unique, we install custom ventilation to suit the space. Along with high quality insulation materials, we ensure that appropriate ventilation components are installed – from soffit vents, to rafter vents, to ridge vents, to turbines, and even solar vents.

In Toronto and throughout the GTA, EcoComfort are the attic specialists

For homeowners in Toronto and the GTA, EcoComfort specializes in residential attics, with a comprehensive approach designed to deliver results. We upgrade your attic insulation; we remove aging attic insulation; and we install effective attic ventilation components.

With upgraded insulation, homeowners save money on seasonal utilities, and enjoy a more comfortable home throughout the year. And with improved attic ventilation, the attic space performs like an effective “system”. Overall, it means huge savings on annual energy bills.

At EcoComfort, our in-house insulation professionals do it right, providing an unmatched level of service, along with the highest quality of workmanship. Find out more at 416-333-4554 and ask for a FREE quote. You can also request information about attic insulation in Toronto and the GTA region with our ONLINE FORM.


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