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Signs You May Have Mold in Your Attic

Published on December 06, 2019

With four months of winter right around the corner, it’s an opportune time to make sure that attic maintenance has been addressed. While many homeowners might focus on attic insulation and roof structure, it’s equally important to inspect the attic for mold deposits.

A professional assessment of the attic and roof cavity can quickly determine whether mold exists, and if you require attic mold removal. The fact is, attic mold is not uncommon, and the attic is an ideal environment for mold to establish a feeding ground (and start growing).


Some common tell-tale signs that mold is growing in your attic

Because your attic has the perfect conditions for mold, it makes sense to check the space annually. It’s warm and humid, and there is plenty of organic material to feed on. Left unattended year after year, mold can easily grow undisturbed – and then cause problems.

Without an annual inspection, many homeowners find out too late about a mold outgrowth. It makes attic mold removal essential (and sometimes with additional structural repairs). The key is to detect the mold early and deal with the issue promptly and professionally.

  • If there are dark black stains on the wood in your attic, it’s likely a sign that mold has started to feed. In assessing the extent of infiltration, attic mold removal would be needed.
  • If your attic feels extremely hot or stuffy it means that the space is not properly ventilated.  Mold thrives in a space that is hot, humid, and poorly ventilated (all of them tell-tell signs). 
  • If you’ve had a roof leak or plumbing leak in the attic, wet insulation can quickly become a feeding ground for mold. Worst case, both the mold and insulation will have to be removed.
  • If you smell stale odours or mustiness coming from the attic, it’s a sure sign of a moisture problem. That musty, moldy smell can also indicate that mold is growing and thriving.
  • If you find water dripping from a smoke detector, light fixture, or washroom fan, it means that the floor of attic has excessive air moisture and condensation – ideal for mold to grow.

If mold has already infiltrated your attic, there’s also a chance that the air throughout the home will be affected. This is a time when professional attic mold removal will be required. When detected early on, professionals can eliminate the source and ensure any recurrence.

Attic mold removal requires professional remediation

EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting offers customers comprehensive attic mold services – from thorough inspection, to clean removal, to complete remediation. With attic mold, we discourage a DIY approach, simply because the health risks just aren’t worth it. More than that, our removal methodology ensures complete elimination of mold, without any relapse.

For professional mold remediation services throughout the Greater Toronto Area, contact the experts at EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting. Call us directly at 416-333-4554, and ask for a FREE price quote or simply fill out our online form

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