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Signs Your Home Might Be Poorly Ventilated

Published on August 11, 2020

Signs Your Home Might Be Poorly Ventilated

The negative effects of a poorly ventilated home might not be that obvious on the surface, but the signs and symptoms soon emerge. Poor home ventilation, particularly in the attic and roof, might require professional roof vent installation and may even require professional roof leak repair.

Because every home is different, poor ventilation will manifest in different ways. Certain parts of your home may be excessively hot in summer. There may be certain rooms that are quite cold in winter. Or, you may have noticed high utility bills for heating and cooling throughout the year.

For Comfort and Energy Efficiency a Home Must be Properly Ventilated

Simply put, a home that isn’t well ventilated just isn’t performing at peak. Proper ventilation, from the basement to the roof, ensures healthy airflow throughout the home. When a home is properly ventilated, indoor air and indoor moisture are allowed to exit, while fresh outdoor air is allowed to enter. On the flip side, poor ventilation can result in signs and symptoms that require a remedy. If you’re unsure whether your home is properly ventilated, here are some signs to look for.

Roof Damage

In many cases, roof damage can be traced to inadequate ventilation throughout the roof cavity. It all starts with excessive moisture accumulation, especially after winter ice melts. In an enclosed space like the roof cavity, poor ventilation doesn’t allow heat and air moisture to properly escape.

HVAC is Overworking

When a home is not well ventilated, the furnace and air conditioner (HVAC) are often working “overtime”. In winter, the furnace is working harder to keep the home warm, and in summer the AC is working harder to keep things cool. The result:  higher than normal seasonal utility bills.

Finding Mold Growth

Mold growth, whether in the basement or attic, can be linked directly to poor ventilation. When high levels of moisture are allowed to accumulate, mold will thrive – it’s the perfect environment for mold to spread. If the breakout is in the attic and roof, roof vent installation will be required.

Winter Ice Damming

Ice dams form along the edge of a roof when the attic isn’t properly ventilated. Without proper airflow, snow and ice constantly build up and can potentially cause damage to the eaves, the roof shingles, and the roof structure. In the worst cases, professional roof leak repair may be needed.

Inadequate Insulation

Home ventilation relies on good insulation for optimum performance. In basements and attics, ventilation must be supported by good insulation – the two work together to ensure comfort and energy efficiency. Even quality insulation can’t perform effectively without proper ventilation.

EcoComfort Specializes in Home Ventilation Systems

In Toronto and throughout the GTA, EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting specializes in roof vent installation. Following a thorough inspection of the home, we will recommend ventilation to suit the need, with products that are warrantied and installations that are guaranteed.

We also install quality home insulation and provide professional roof leak repair when required. Find out more by calling one of our in-house experts at 416-333-4554 or request a FREE project estimate by visiting our company website at .

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