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5 Myths About Blown in Insulation

Published on July 09, 2020

With home insulation, there are always product ratings and customer reviews to search through. And it’s no different with blown in insulation in Toronto. The big problem is that rumors about the product sometimes overshadow reputable reviews – so it’s important for homeowners to understand the facts.

Product manufacturers are always touting their own brands, so being an informed consumer is the key to making good purchasing decisions. Product “myths” tend to cloud the issues and are often reliant on misinformation. While they might be initially convincing, they are quickly dispelled and discredited.

Some Myths About Blown in Insulation in Toronto

Blown in insulation has proven itself effective for many decades now. When professionally installed, it improves indoor comfort while providing significant energy savings in winter and summer. Product and installation are cost-effective and the application is ideal in the attic, basement, and exterior walls.

The cellulose version of this product is environmentally friendly – it’s made from recycled paper waste and is treated with boric acid that’s inhospitable to insects and animals. From thermal protection to sound dampening, cellulose blown in insulation provides years and years of dependable performance.

MYTH – Blown in insulation only performs in winter

Simply put, blown in insulation performs all year. It keeps indoor heat inside throughout the winter and prevents outdoor heat from intruding in summer. When professionally installed as attic insulation it prevents “heat transfer” in and out of the home, regardless of the season.

MYTH – Blown in insulation will cause a house fire

When professionally installed, cellulose blown in insulation actually helps to prevent fire and slow any spread. Because the material is treated with boric acid it becomes fire resistant. More than that, dense cellulose provides practically no oxygen to support a fire (or spreading out).

MYTH – High R-Value is the most important feature

High R-Value isn’t the most important feature of an insulation product. In fact, no insulation product will perform at peak without proper air sealing, moisture control, and ventilation. Needless to say, the insulation product itself requires professional installation to ensure results.

MYTH – Blown in insulation only performs in walls

Blown in insulation is multipurpose – it’s just as effective in the attic as it is in exterior walls. It’s just as effective for insulating the roof cavity, as it is insulating the basement walls. Actually it’s one of the best home upgrades when it comes to return-on-investment season after season.

MYTH – Blown in insulation isn’t good in old homes

Blown cellulose is excellent in an old home, especially because old homes were poorly insulated. Best of all, the blown in material insulates all of the awkward openings, air gaps, and small holes. It’s one of the best applications for insulating an old home (without structural work).

Choosing EcoComfort For Your Blown in Insulation in Toronto    

EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting specializes in blown-in cellulose insulation. We install everything professionally and provide a comprehensive range of services in Toronto and throughout the GTA.
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