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Blown-In Cellulose Insulation Toronto

This year, think about upgrading your attic with   blown-in cellulose in Toronto for a better, more comfortable indoor experience. Upgrading your attic insulation can have a huge effect on your home by offering you better protection from the elements, helping to reduce air flow in your attic, and by lowering your monthly energy bills. Choosing to use blown-in cellulose insulation has a positive effect on the environment too - not only does it help you reduce your energy needs, but it’s made from recycled consumer paper products, giving new life to materials otherwise destined for the landfill. This type of attic insulation in Toronto offers an easy way to top up existing insulation, boosting your home’s efficacy at keeping a stable temperature.

Find out why homeowners are installing blown-in cellulose insulation in Toronto 

Types of Loose Fill Insulation

Cellulose attic insulation does an exceptional job at increasing your home’s resistance to heat flow and help keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Below are some of benefits and drawbacks of each type of insulation. If you’re worried about which one is right for you home, trust the experts - at EcoComfort we’ll help you choose the insulation material that is right for your budget and right for the needs of your home, ensuring that your product works at its best and that you’re comfortable all year round.

Blown in Cellulose Insulationblown in cellulose insulation toronto

  • Blown-in cellulose insulation has great coverage - it completely fills the cavities and small spaces in your attic that traditional batt insulation struggles to fill.
  • This type of blown in insulation is made from recycled paper products, often using up to 85% recycled materials!
  • Blown-in cellulose insulation make it a good choice for spaces in which you need insulation, but don’t want the added expense and mess -  such as adding insulation to wall cavities.
  • No asbestos, formaldehyde or other toxic chemicals.
  • Despite its paper composition, loose fill cellulose is fire retardant because it has been treated with boric acid. You may be more familiar with this natural chemical in the laundry room, where borax is often used as a laundry booster.
  • Did you know borax is also frequently found in at-home insect repellent and trap kits? This addition to cellulose blown in insulation in Toronto makes it an inhospitable environment for tricky to get rid of pests like ants.
  • Cellulose insulation is mold resistant.

Blown In Insulation Improves Energy-Efficiency

If your home has newer insulation but still isn’t performing as well as it could be, blown in insulation in Toronto & the GTA provides a great way to give your insulation a boost. Since your attic is one of the biggest causes of heat loss in both new and old homes, topping up existing insulation can make a big difference. Because loose-fill type insulation is made up of many small pieces, it can also act like a stopper, filling up holes or crevasses that batts don’t fit into.

Loose fill insulation is also a great idea when you aren’t in the right place to undertake a huge renovation project. For example: if you find your living room is often drafty and cold, it may benefit from a little more insulation in the exterior walls. Instead of removing all of that drywall to install new insulation batts, small holes can be drilled in the walls between the studs and loose fill insulation poured in to fill up the cavities, offering you additional protection and indoor comfort. Because installing loose-fill insulation can be done with minimal assistance, our teams are small and thorough. Clean up is minimal and installation can often be completed in a few hours with as little disruption to your day as possible.

A Cost-Effective Option

As with any major home renovation, we know that cost can be one of the biggest concerns that a homeowner has, which is why we offer blown in insulation as one of our services. Not only is it easy to install, but it has fewer installation problems and offers your home decades of quality performance. Blown in insulation is also covered under a number of different provincial rebate programs, which helps make it an even easier option to choose.

The Benefits of a Fire Resistant Material

Beyond your budget, the home safety and fire resistance of our products are another frequent concern our clients have - and again, this is an area in which blown in insulation shines. Blown in cellulose insulation is made of up to 80% post consumer recycled paper - but paper and fire resistance aren’t usually two things that go together!

In the case of blown in cellulose insulation, fire resistance is one of its major benefits. Cellulose insulation is many small shredded pieces. These pieces help to insulate your home by creating an air barrier between the conditioned and unconditioned places. Cellulose is also treated with borates, a naturally occurring safe chemical that increases its fire and insect resistance. Together with cellulose’s density, these three factors help to restrict the amount of oxygen available in the event of a fire - if there’s no oxygen, the flames with burn down and out. This is why cellulose blown in insulation does so well in fire demonstration tests, since it actually helps to snuff out and stop fire from spreading, offering up to 50% more resistance than comparable materials.

  • Improving your Home’s Energy Efficiency: One of the best reasons to insulate your home this year is that it can help you save a ton of money on your home heating and cooling costs. Insulation works all year round to help you stop conditioned air from leaking out and outside air from coming in. In a space like the attic, which often has a similar footprint to your home, the coverage of blown in cellulose insulatIion is absolute, filling all the cracks and crevices that cause air leakage.
  • Quiet & Peaceful Environment: Blown in cellulose insulation also helps to dampen sound coming from both the inside and outside of your home, helping give you a more relaxing and peaceful home environment. This is especially useful when you have living areas adjacent to the attic or live in a townhouse with neighbours close by.
  • Quick & Easy Installation: We know you’re busy - which is why cellulose blown in insulation is a great fit for your lifestyle. In most instances, a professional installation takes only a few hours and can be done with small teams. This lowers your installation costs and helps you get back to your day.
  • Thorough Coverage: Insulation isn’t effective when it doesn’t cover 100% of your attic - the uninsulated spaces act like a magnet for warm and cold air. Blown in cellulose insulation does a great job of offering comprehensive coverage that ensures no gaps remain after installation, especially over support crossbeams, wiring, plumbing pipes, and ductwork.
  • Energy Savings All Year Long: Insulation isn’t just about protecting your home in the winter. During the summer it helps to keep your home cool as well! Insulation is an air barrier that separates conditioned and unconditioned air, which helps you to reduce your energy consumption and save on your monthly energy costs.
  • Long Term Benefits: We’ve all seen enough kitchens remodelled in the ‘70s to know that styles change, but when it comes to home renovation projects, cellulose insulation never goes out of style. A professional installation can last somewhere in the range of 80 years, offering your home decades of energy efficiency and a better balanced HVAC system.
  • Cost-Effective: In the long term, it’s an extremely cost effective application that delivers great performance and good return-on-investment. Our professional approach ensures that you are getting the best performance out of your new product, and that installation is to code, safe, and thorough.

Blown in Cellulose Toronto

Regardless of your choice, both products are excellent options for insulating your attic, and a reputable contractor at EcoComfort can give you an in-depth breakdown of the advantages of each.  Improving your thermal performance will help you save money on your heating and cooling bills, ease your impact on the environment, and help you have more thorough insulation coverage in your attic.

Call us at EcoComfort for more information about blown-in cellulose insulation and how it can help improve your home.

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