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Signs You Need New AtticĀ  Insulation in Mississauga

Published on December 21, 2020

attic insulationIn a region like southern Ontario, quality attic insulation is essential for indoor comfort throughout the year. The downside is when an attic is not properly insulated – the home is simply not protected from the elements. Homeowners considering upgrades to their attic insulation in Mississauga have likely noticed some signs and symptoms of poor performance.

The attic and roof cavity are “hidden” spaces. It’s therefore difficult for a typical homeowner to notice problems and deficiencies. This might include insulation material that’s deteriorating, air leaks that have developed, and ventilation that isn’t doing the job. These are all signs and symptoms that need to be addressed, and upgrades that may well be required.

Deciding About New Attic Insulation

For attic insulation in Oakville, a thorough inspection of the attic is the best way to start. This allows a contractor to assess specific issues with the existing insulation and recommend appropriate solutions. A proper inspection also identifies additional energy efficiency issues.

Because every attic is different, insulation deficiencies will also differ. And while some issues might be obvious during an inspection, others may need more exploration. The key is to inspect thoroughly in order to provide the foundation for upgrades and retrofits that are needed.

  • the existing attic insulation may have been contaminated by animals
  • the installed insulation product may now have much reduced R-Value
  • the insulation materials may have been compromised by water or fire
  • the attic/roof may present air leaks due to poorly installed installation

When an inspection uncovers asbestos in attic insulation, it typically means the insulation needs to be removed. This is work best left to a qualified professional with the appropriate asbestos experience.

Attic Insulation is Performing Poorly  

Inside the home, it’s easy to notice if the attic insulation is performing poorly. The home may be too warm in summer and not warm enough in winter. Utility bills for heating and cooling may be unusually high. And finally, room temperatures may be inconsistent from floor to floor.

When attic insulation isn’t performing, it’s not uncommon to experience drafty areas in the home. This may also result from air leakage in the attic, as well as underperforming ventilation. In fact, insulation, air sealing, and air ventilation all work in tandem to deliver peak performance.

Installing Attic Insulation in Mississauga? Trust EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting!

Homeowners shopping around for attic insulation in Mississauga (and attic insulation in Oakville) can count on EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting for the best results. Whatever the need, we can do it all – from removing insulation to making repairs to installing the new products.

In the attic, we often recommend blown-in cellulose because of the many benefits. Our products are all Canadian Approved, chemical-free, and guaranteed. And our installers make sure that all work is done right the first time – we want every customer to be fully satisfied.

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