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What Benefits Will Proper Attic Insulation Give Me?

Published on December 25, 2020

attic insulation in mississaugaProper attic insulation is a priority in our region, particularly with a variety of weather and temperatures that fluctuate throughout the course of the year. For homeowners upgrading their attic insulation in Mississauga, a good installation will provide immediate benefits.

High-quality insulation provides enhanced indoor comfort, reduced energy consumption, and lower utility costs. And with a product like blown in insulation, the benefits are noticeable around the year. What’s important, to be sure, is to do all the work professionally.

When attic insulation isn’t working properly, the heating and cooling system has to work overtime to provide indoor comfort. Poor attic insulation, along with poor air sealing, is what contributes to uneven temperatures throughout the home, and the high cost of utilities.

The Benefits and Advantages of Quality Blown In Insulation

At EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting, blown in cellulose has become one of our preferred insulation products. It’s made primarily from plant cellulose and is considered an eco-friendly choice, which satisfies many homeowners’ demands.

Blown in cellulose is very cost-effective as an installation, and therefore is a worthwhile investment. For the roof cavity and attic, blown in cellulose is ideal when insulating those irregular spaces found throughout.

When the attic is properly air sealed, the blown in product provides an excellent thermal blanket. It’s also a product that can be used to insulate exterior walls, especially for thermal upgrades in older, poorly insulated homes.

Blown in cellulose has additional benefits – the material resists mold and mildew – it’s not a welcome environment for insects or rodents – and it has fire-resistant properties. Overall, it’s an effective and cost worthy installation.

The Additional Benefits of Air Sealing and Air Ventilation

While a properly insulated attic provides thermal performance around the year, both air sealing and air ventilation are essential for a complete “system”. When everything is working together, you will see less air leakage, better hold on your air moisture and your overall air quality will improve.

In many residential homes, especially older homes, quality insulation, air sealing, and air ventilation will dramatically improve home comfort and energy efficiency. With quality blown-in cellulose, the annual energy savings can actually “pay down” the cost of these upgrades.

For Attic Insulation in Mississauga Call the Experts at EcoComfort

Homeowners upgrading attic insulation in Mississauga can trust the experts at EcoComfort for professional expertise. Not only do we upgrade insulation but we also do insulation removal, repairs and retrofits, to installing new insulation products.

We specialize in blown in insulation and often recommend this choice as the best option because of the benefits. Once installed, homeowners experience much improved thermal insulation from season to season, as well as measurable savings annually.

At EcoComfort, we install Canadian Approved products that are fully guaranteed and chemical-free. Our installations are warrantied and our installers are insured. On every project, we make sure that everything is done right, and every one of our customers is satisfied. Homeowners in Mississauga can arrange for a FREE attic inspection by calling 416-333-4554 or visiting

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