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Why Choose the Pros for Attic Insulation Removal

Published on August 07, 2020

Why Choose the Pros for Attic Insulation Removal

There are countless reasons for removing attic insulation, and every home will be different. What’s important is to identify the nature of the problem and then determine if complete attic insulation removal is required.

In some cases, insulation removal is essential, in other cases, it’s needed but not critical. For homeowners considering attic insulation in Mississauga, the best approach is to start with a professional attic assessment.

In some homes, existing insulation may have been poorly installed. In other homes, mold may have developed throughout the attic due to high moisture levels. Finally, there may be insulation that has deteriorated over time.

A Step-by-Step Approach To Attic Insulation Removal

Insulation removal is essentially a “cleanup” procedure, but it requires experience and expertise for the best outcomes. Professionals use specialized equipment to clean and clear old materials and ensure that waste disposal is handled in a safe and effective manner. This is particularly important if the insulation material is contaminated, mold-infested, or contains some asbestos.

In the attic, the removal process must be total – there must be no debris leftover, and any trace of contamination must be eliminated. A clean space also makes it possible for the necessary repairs to be made. More than that, comprehensive attic insulation removal allows for new insulation to be installed in a clean and uncontaminated space. This is the way to do it right the first time.

Once insulation removal is complete, consideration can be given to choosing new materials and deciding on any retrofits that would enhance energy efficiency. This would include effective air sealing and proper attic ventilation. These upgrades work together as a “system” to deliver the optimum in energy efficiency. This is truly a professional approach to upgrading insulation.  

Opting For Professionals Instead of a DIY approach

Yes – there are numerous DIY options for removing and/or installing attic installation. But at the end of the day removal of old and deteriorating insulation is better left to professionals. To begin with, there are potential risks and hazards – especially if there is contamination, animal remains, mold or vermiculite. This is work for insulation professionals who have experience and expertise.

The fact is insulation removal is only part of the entire job. The next step is to prepare the area for repairs, retrofits, and installation of new materials. Here again, while the DIY approach might save money in the short term, professionals provide the very best long-term outcomes. Doing it right the first time delivers the maximum in dollar savings when it comes to seasonal utilities.

For Attic Insulation in Mississauga, Choose The Pros at EcoComfort

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