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Insulation Removal in the Attic and Roof 

As many homeowners know, attic insulation declines in performance over time. In some cases, the insulation may simply be aging and unproductive. In other cases, the materials could be damaged or even contaminated. Whatever the situation, when it’s time for insulation removal, EcoComfort can provide homeowners with a comprehensive approach that is safe and clean.

Removing damaged, decaying or contaminated attic insulation is beneficial

In the attic and roof cavity, EcoComfort recommends insulation removal in a variety of scenarios. In fact, insulation removal is an ideal option when renovations are underway or when retrofitting is being considered. Regardless of the problem, it’s important to do the work right from day one.

  • Deterioration due to condensation and/or moisture
  • Water damage, smoke damage, or mold infiltration
  • Animal/insect contamination, or associated damage  
  • Flammable insulation material or harmful materials

A step-by-step approach to insulation removal

With attic insulation, EcoComfort begins with an in-depth inspection of the space. This allows for an accurate assessment of conditions, including the existing insulation as well as the physical structure. At this stage, our experienced team will determine if insulation removal is required, or if a “topping up” approach will suffice. Beyond insulation, we inspect for air leakage and energy efficiency, where additional retrofitting (air sealing and mechanical ventilation) may be required.

No waste is left behind!

With Eco Comfort, insulation removal is extensive, using state-of-the-art vacuum equipment, and managing waste materials in a safe manner. For home residents, there is no leftover mess and no residual dust. We also specialize in decontamination and disinfection, where animal waste or insect infestation may require extra work. What’s important is to prepare the attic space properly so that newly installed insulation provides long-term performance and optimal energy efficiency.

Professional insulation removal is preferred

With attic insulation, a professional approach to removal and re-installation is preferred. The experts have the right equipment and expertise, and it’s not the right time or place for a DIY project. Removing insulation can be risky and dangerous, particularly if the existing insulation materials are contaminated. Even worse, there could be residual asbestos or other substances.

For the most part, it’s unwise to simply remove old insulation and replace with new materials. Before installing new insulation, EcoComfort will recommend repairs and/or retrofits that may be necessary. For example, most residential attics need to improve airtightness throughout the installation space. More than anything, this will ensure better overall insulation performance.

EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting – the attic experts

A well-insulated attic will save on utilities and ensure more comfort throughout the home. At EcoComfort we only use safe, chemical-free, insulation materials. Whether we install blown-in cellulose or blown-in fibreglass, all work is guaranteed and for many years of satisfaction.

Providing insulation services in the Greater Toronto Area, our work often exceeds homeowner expectations. From ventilation problems, to animal damage, to leaky roofs, local homeowners can rely on EcoComfort to manage a project from end to end – and it’s all done with excellent service.

To find out more, call EcoComfort for a free estimate at 416-333-4554 or visit the company website at

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