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Why Homeowners are Opting for Blown in Cellulose Insulation?

Published on May 01, 2018

With so many different insulation options on the market today, how do you know which material is best for you? Today on the EcoComfort blog, we’re going to break down one of our most popular options, blown in cellulose insulation, something you might have seen advertised at the local Home Depot. Do you think your energy bills are too high or that your home is too drafty? If you’re interested in improving your home’s thermal performance, blown in cellulose insulation might be the right product to help you combat these common household problems.

Read on for some of the top benefits that blown in cellulose insulation provides:

Environmentally friendly: One of the top benefits of blown in cellulose insulation is that it made from recycled materials: the contents of your paper recycling bin. Post-consumer paper waste like paper, packaging, and cardboard boxes is recycled into an insulation that is good for your home and the environment, because it requires less embodied energy to produce.

Lowers your risk of contamination from animals, insects, and mold: Blown in cellulose insulation has been treated with boric acid, a non-toxic naturally occurring chemical that helps create a hostile environment to pests. Boric acid has other benefits that we’ll cover a bit later, but it’s also an effective insecticide that repels bugs such as flies, ants, and cockroaches.

Tight air seal: One of the biggest problems in the attics that we assess is air leaks. These small holes and and gaps are sometimes responsible for up to a 30% loss in home heating - which translates directly into higher energy bills. Because it is created from many small pieces, blown in cellulose insulation is excellent at efficiently covering a space, filling and preventing the gaps that contribute to air leakage.

Fire Retardant: Since it’s made from paper, you might be concerned that blown in cellulose insulation is a fire risk - and it certainly was in the early days. But today’s modern products have a very low risk of contributing to house fires because of the boric acid treatment. The tiny boric acid crystals actually release small amounts of water, helping to extinguish and suppress flames and smoldering.

Sound Proof:  Blown in cellulose insulation adds a sound proofing benefit to any installation. Sound waves travel best with least resistance, and the small corners and irregular shape of the cellulose pieces catch that sound and prevent it from making it through the layer of insulation.

Affordability: One of the biggest concerns for many of us when doing home renovations is cost, and blown in cellulose insulation provides a great option when you’re looking for something to fit your budget. Installation of blown in cellulose is fast, easy, and it has an excellent value-per-inch because it continues to perform well over time.

Choosing insulation doesn’t have to be hard. If you’re still confused or have questions about the different products and kinds of insulation available, give us a call at EcoComfort. We’d be happy to tell you more about blown in cellulose insulation and the benefits it can bring to help improve your home.

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