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How to Prepare for New Attic Insulation in Mississauga

Published on May 27, 2022

Depending on the quality, materials, and attic environment, attic insulation in Mississauga homes will usually deteriorate around 20 years. The move to new blown-in insulation is exciting for many homeowners because of the many benefits. Switching to high-quality cellulose attic insulation in Mississauga means restored indoor air quality, easier climate regulation from season to season, and lower heating and cooling expenses overall. 

If your attic insulation is faltering, here’s what you can do to prepare for new blown-in insulation.

Conduct an Attic Inspection in Mississauga 

attic insulation MississaugaProfessional attic inspections are key to understanding the condition of your attic and the rest of your home. An examination from a trusted insulation company in the Greater Toronto Area like EcoComfort empowers you to assess the health of your attic and make improvements before your attic insulation upgrade to blown-in insulation.

During attic inspections in Mississauga, we look for: 

  • Pest Infestations 
  • Ventilation Problems or Insufficiencies 
  • Water Damage or Leaks
  • Mold or Mildew Outbreaks 

In detecting any of the following attic problems, we can help your new attic insulation last longer and perform better throughout its lifespan. 

Pest Removal 

If there are birds, rats, bees, or any other animals or insects that have turned your attic into their home, it’s imperative that you get them out before installing your blown-in insulation. The warmth and shelter of an attic are attractive to pesty animals, but between droppings and nesting, they can contaminate your air quality with bacteria and block ventilation.

Improve Attic Ventilation

The quality of attic ventilation directly affects the effectiveness of attic insulation in Mississauga. If your attic inspection determines that your ventilation is inadequate, then take the time to improve it ahead of the new installation. Proper ventilation allows excess humidity and heat to escape through the roof of your home, enabling better climate control and reducing heating costs. Installing rafter vents and soffit vents or any other prescribed ventilation will also help reduce the opportunity for mold and pest infestations. To learn which types of attic ventilation are best for your attic insulation and home, talk to an attic expert at EcoComfort. 

Attic Mold Remediation

Mold is a time-sensitive matter that requires a prompt response. Unfortunately, it can be a lot more challenging to trace in attics than in other areas of a house. The particular odour of mold is one of the most reliable indications of mold in your attic. Still, the best way to identify mold with certainty is through a professional mold inspection in your attic. Getting rid of mold fast will stop its spread to your new attic insulation and elsewhere around your home. For attic mold remediation, the EcoComfort team can help. Following mold remediation, upgrading to mold-resistant blown-in cellulose insulation will prevent future mold outbreaks in your attic. 

Remove Old Attic Insulation 

The final step before your attic insulation upgrade is insulation removal. While in some cases, new blown-in insulation can be installed over top of existing insulation bats, contaminated or ineffective insulation should be removed, primarily wet attic insulation in Mississauga. So if you have had attic water damage that has not been treated, the EcoComfort team will help you rid your attic of the old attic insulation. 

Working with the Attic Experts at EcoComfort 

Attics can be dangerous and tricky to maneuver. For the most efficient and safe attic insulation preparation, removal, and upgrade, work with the trusted attic experts at EcoComfort.

Schedule your attic inspection today.

Why Choose Us

EcoComfort We Are Attic Service Experts

We Are Attic Service Experts

We are experts in attic insulation, attic ventilation, attic mould prevention and remediation, and attic disinfection. Our quality products are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and safe for indoor use. Meaning you won’t ever have to vacate your home. Our attention to detail is unmatched.

EcoComfort We Save You Money

We Save You Money

All of our insulation products are Canadian-made and carefully screened to meet rigid quality standards. We don’t sacrifice the quality of our product, we stand by our work, and we offer a warranty on all of our services.

EcoComfort We Provide All-In-One Services

We Provide All-In-One Services

We offer a wide range of attic and roof services. We have the best and most reliable equipment on the market. Our team of full-time, experienced attic experts can handle every aspect of the job, we never subcontract our jobs.

EcoComfort We Have Unbeatable Customer Service

We Have Unbeatable Customer Service

We make sure that every job is done right from start to finish and that every customer is 100% satisfied. We have a long list of happy customers and have insulated thousands of attics over the years. Our level of experience in this field is unmatched!

EcoComfort We Offer Affordable Pricing & Quality Service, Guaranteed

We Offer Affordable Pricing & Quality Service, Guaranteed

We don’t pay commissions to salespeople. At EcoComfort, there’s no inflated pricing, no hidden fees or surprise costs. We believe in doing the job efficiently the first time around. We never compromise on quality; our work is always guaranteed.

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