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For homeowners throughout the GTA, attic insulation has become more and more of a priority over the years. It makes sense because of the ever-increasing cost of energy during summer and winter. Beyond the cost savings, upgrades to home insulation also contribute to improved indoor comfort for the entire family.

For the most part, homeowners installing attic insulation in Mississauga have been focused on reducing energy consumption and therefore reducing energy costs. The fact is, with high-quality insulation installed, there are a host of other benefits – from improved levels of indoor air quality to balanced temperatures.


Attic Insulation Installed by the Professionals In Mississauga

A properly insulated attic is the most effective way to stop winter heating and summer cooling from escaping through the roof. Simply put, good attic insulation is the key to improving home energy efficiency – and it’s essential in reducing utility costs throughout the year.

Homeowners concerned about home energy and inefficient energy consumption would be wise to undertake an attic inspection in Mississauga. It will allow for a comprehensive assessment of installed insulation materials and measurement of insulation performance levels.

There’s no question that attic insulation upgrades will make a noticeable difference to home energy efficiency. Older homes usually have attic insulation that is below current standards and quite often below building code requisites. It’s a perfect recipe for wasting energy.

Homeowners who upgrade their attic insulation can pretty well guarantee improved home comfort and reduced utility bills. In fact, a well-insulated attic can provide savings of between 30% and 40% on winter heating and summer air conditioning season after season annually

With Home Insulation, it’s All About Performance

In most Ontario homes, the attic has been insulated with one product or another. Whatever that product, the materials tend to deteriorate over time and therefore start to underperform. The result is poor energy efficiency – hot humid air comes into the home in summer, while warm indoor air escapes out in winter. This is a formula for wasting both heating and air conditioning.

When insulation is not performing, the HVAC system (heating and cooling) consumes additional energy trying to provide comfort during winter and summer. As a result, annual energy costs will be high and the HVAC equipment will experience added wear and tear. The remedy is to upgrade the insulation – installing quality material, ensuring proper air sealing, and upgrading ventilation.

High-Quality Attic Insulation Ensures Energy Efficiency

In wintertime, under-performing insulation allows for severe heat loss. It means that the furnace must work harder to keep the entire home comfortable. It's similar in the summertime when the AC system has to work harder to provide indoor comfort. At EcoComfort Insulation and Contracting, we install high-quality insulation that offers improved home comfort and cost savings at the same time. Customers are assured of great results with every installation.

EcoComfort typically recommends blown-in cellulose for the attic. This product provides excellent coverage throughout the attic and roof cavity along with satisfactory R-Value. With proper air sealing, blown-in cellulose will measurably block air leakage and effectively insulate the home. Blown-in cellulose insulation has gained popularity over the years simply because it works well.

Satisfactory Thermal Performance 

  • Offering satisfactory thermal performance when professionally installed, blown-in cellulose can also be used to enhance the R-Values of existing insulation. As long as existing materials are completely clean, dry, and uncontaminated, the blown material can be installed as a "top-up".

Fire Resistance in the Attic Space

  • Cellulose insulation is specially treated to be a fire-resistant material. Once installed, the product is designed to prevent the spread of fire. Industry testing indicates that cellulose insulation does well in fire test demonstrations, providing up to 50% more resistance than comparable materials.

Very Effective Coverage in Attics

  • Blown-in cellulose is an excellent application for insulating those “hard-to-reach” spaces found throughout the attic and roof cavity. The awkward areas in the attic often restrict access, and the blown-in product provides effective coverage, filling smaller spaces better than insulation batts.

Cost-Effective / Good Investment

  • When professionally installed, blown-in cellulose requires less manpower and less installation time than many other insulation product options. It is, therefore, a very cost-effective project, mainly due to the lower installation cost. The product provides an excellent long-term investment.

A Clean and Non-Toxic Product

  • Blown-in cellulose contains NO toxic chemicals, NO asbestos materials, and NO formaldehyde. The raw material is treated with boric acid, which acts as an antiseptic and insecticide at one time. This ensures that the finished installation repels insects and resists mold growth in the attic

Good Reasons to Upgrade Home Insulation

In most homes, the attic cavity is out-of-sight. This means that problems are also out-of-sight, and therefore difficult to diagnose. With insulation, performance issues usually emerge with obvious signs and symptoms. When attic insulation is underperforming, the signs and symptoms signal a need for attention. That’s the time to arrange for a professional attic inspection and assessment.

  • there may be hot/cold temperature fluctuations in the home
  • some rooms in the home may be suffering from drafty areas
  • the HVAC system (heating and cooling) may be overworking
  • summer/winter bills for heating/cooling may be overly high
  • room temperatures (summer and winter) are hard to control

The Benefits of Installing Cellulose Insulation

Homeowners installing attic insulation in Mississauga can benefit in several ways with blown in cellulose insulation. To begin with, it’s one of the more cost effective installations. It’s also quite “eco-friendly” because it’s made from plant cellulose and recycled paper. Blown in cellulose is an excellent home improvement upgrade with an equally excellent return-on-investment.

In a space like an attic, blown in cellulose is the ideal for insulating awkward and irregular spots. With a professional installation, the entire attic can be insulated, air sealed, and ventilated all at one time. More than that, blown in cellulose can be effectively used to retrofit the exterior walls of a home with additional insulation (and without damaging the integrity of the walls).

Beyond the performance benefits of blown cellulose, there are additional product attributes. The insulation material resists mold, mildew, insects, and rodents – quite an important feature in a space like an attic. As for energy efficiency, seasonal energy bills (summer cooling and winter heating) will be noticeably reduced. And these savings will sustain for years to come.

A Professional Install Delivers Better Results

It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to be tempted by a DIY approach to attic insulation, and especially in an effort to save money. However, nothing comes close to an insulation professional with the tools, the equipment, the experience, and the expertise. When the attic is well insulated, heating and cooling costs are reduced because far less energy is being wasted (and consumed). With a professional install, the benefits are noticeable right away – air leakage is reduced; indoor air quality is improved; and air moisture is better controlled.

With attic insulation, it’s worth doing the job right the first time. Professionals like EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting provide an entire range of services – from removing old insulation to making necessary repairs, to installing ventilation – creating a “system” that delivers results.

From inspection to installation, professionals know what to do and how to do it. At EcoComfort, we do it all from end to end, including attic inspection, insulation removal, insulation upgrades, and attic ventilation. We provide high-quality work that’s guaranteed.

For Attic Insulation in Mississauga – it’s EcoComfort

EcoComfort installs attic insulation in Mississauga and throughout the GTA. We have experienced installers – we install only quality products - and our workmanship is guaranteed. In the attic we tend to recommend in blown-in cellulose because of its proven results and proven performance.

While there are other insulation products on the market to choose from, EcoComfort does prefer blown-in cellulose. Our approach is to inspect and assess the attic cavity, recommend any repairs, and provide a comprehensive installation that incorporates both air sealing and air ventilation.

With EcoComfort, Attic Insulation is Fully Guaranteed

Homeowners considering attic insulation in Mississauga can depend on EcoComfort for quality installation from start to finish. Whether we are removing old insulation material, making some repairs, or re-insulating the attic completely, our products and workmanship are guaranteed.

In older homes, EcoComfort can significantly enhance energy efficiency by installing high quality blown in cellulose. Along with additional retrofits, the upgraded insulation delivers considerable dollar savings on winter heating and summer air conditioning (not to mention added comfort).

In some homes, the energy savings (over the long term) can “pay down” the original investment in insulation and retrofits. This makes for a great return-on-investment and often substantiates additional investments in basement insulation and exterior wall insulation (both worthwhile).

EcoComfort recommends blown in cellulose because of the performance benefits. A good install provides satisfactory thermal protection that improves indoor comfort throughout the home. As well, cellulose is fire resistant, mold resistant, and insect resistant (very important in the attic).

At EcoComfort, we make every effort to install Canadian Approved insulation products. These products are guaranteed to perform as advertised. We also do our best to install everything to code. Our objective, of course, is to satisfy every one of our customers whatever the project.

At EcoComfort, we specialize in a wide range of attic and roof services. In addition to installing attic insulation, we also remove aging insulation, install upgraded ventilation, and repair roof leaks. We do it right, without cutting corners, and without compromising on a quality job.

Attic issues? Poor insulation? Ventilation problems? Pest damages? Wet insulation? Attic Mould? We do it all!

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