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In a typical residential attic, winter heating and summer air conditioning tend to leak through the attic and roof cavity. And when a home doesn’t have adequate attic insulation, that leakage is substantial – a waste of valuable energy and a waste of money throughout the entire year.

In most homes, the attic is out of sight and out of reach. And while it appears to be an empty space, it has a significant impact on the entire house. Homeowners who undertake a routine attic inspection in Mississauga can discover all types of hidden issues and identify deficiencies.

A professional attic inspection will assess everything from end to end, including the physical structure, the installed insulation, and the ventilation apparatuses. The overall aim is to pinpoint problem areas and prevent existing problems from further developing and deteriorating.

Why Get An Attic Inspection

A comprehensive inspection of the attic reveals a lot. There could be moisture accumulation, there could be areas of mold growth, and there could be inadequate attic insulation. It’s also possible that rodents or insects have created a comfortable habitat, posing additional problems.

A good inspection will also assess the physical condition of the attic and roof cavity. Roofing issues, for instance, should be diagnosed at an early stage to prevent more significant problems from emerging. The truth is, many minor issues can quickly become major problems and costlier problems.

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Identifying Underlying Issues in the Attic and Roof 

The primary purpose of an attic and roof inspection is to pinpoint problem areas at the early stage. With attic insulation, a thorough inspection will immediately identify deficiencies in the original installation. As well, the inspection will identify materials that are deteriorating and any areas of air leakage.

Because the attic space is out of sight, problems are hard to detect. That’s precisely why a professional inspection is essential. It allows for everything to be appropriately assessed and for practical remedies to be recommended. It’s an excellent way to maintain optimal conditions.

Choosing a Professional Approach or a DIY Approach

There are certainly some home improvement projects suited for a DIY approach. In the attic, some homeowners might be tempted to undertake a do-it-yourself approach to save some money. But the truth is, nothing can compare with an attic professional that has experience and expertise.

Attic professionals know precisely what to look for in an attic. Some professionals even suggest an attic inspection twice yearly (spring and fall). This is an excellent maintenance plan to ensure that everything is in good repair. It’s also a perfect way to identify issues that may need attention.

Attic inspections are also highly recommended when buying or selling a home. A good inspection can certainly avert unwelcome surprises and identify otherwise unobserved problems. Finally, a thorough inspection will assess such elements as airflow, ventilation, and insulation.

A Good Attic Inspection Will Identify Problem Areas 

When installing attic insulation, it’s beneficial to inspect the attic and roof cavity. This is the best way to identify developing problems and provide a remedy in advance. A good inspection will focus on deteriorating insulation materials, air leakage issues, and even structural issues.

Homeowners considering an attic inspection in Mississauga will be able to address problem areas before they become potentially serious. Because the attic is out of sight, many problems are unobserved – and a good inspection can be integral in spotting problems that need a remedy.

When buying or selling a house, a proper attic inspection is critical. It will avoid the potential for surprises while allowing for a true assessment of the entire house. A proper attic inspection will typically assess airflow, insulation, and ventilation – all elements which must perform properly.

What Customers Should Expect with an Attic Inspection

For homeowners arranging an attic inspection in Mississauga, the assessment should be comprehensive. All physical elements of the attic and roof cavity should be properly inspected, and an inspection summary provided (including recommendations for repairs and retrofits).

Insulation Materials

  • Compacted attic insulation or deteriorating materials could result in poor thermal performance.

Air Ventilation

  • If air ventilation is deficient in the attic, moisture can accumulate, and mold can easily develop. 

Exhausts Ducts

  • Roof exhaust ducts are inspected to assess individual performance and overall air circulation.

Water Leaks

  • Rotten wood and water stains would signal points of water leakage that will need proper repair. 


  • Animal droppings, insect infestations, and bird nests are easily identified with an attic inspection.

An Inspection Will Accurately Assess Installed Insulation  

Attic insulation must be in optimum condition to provide indoor comfort during winter and summer. Deficiencies in product or installation are bound to compromise both energy efficiency and indoor comfort. The performance of the HVAC unit is directly affected by the insulation.

A comprehensive attic inspection will reveal whether the existing insulation is doing its job. The inspection will also recommend any upgrades or retrofits to improve insulation performance. The overall aim of repairs and retrofits is to maximize home energy efficiency around the year.

EcoComfort Insulation and Contracting Provides Professional Attic Inspection in Mississauga and the GTA

Homeowners in Mississauga can rely on EcoComfort Insulation and Contracting for the most comprehensive attic inspections. Our in-house team assesses the physical condition of your attic and roof cavity along with the performance level of your attic insulation. We also inspect the roof structure for any problems or issues.

At EcoComfort, repairs and retrofits are recommended to substantially improve home comfort and energy efficiency. We do it all under one roof, including attic inspection, insulation removal, and insulation upgrades. And because we provide quality products and quality installations, all of our work is guaranteed for 100% satisfaction.

To find out more about EcoComfort products and services, call one of our attic specialists at 416-333-4554 or visit our website. To arrange for a service or request a FREE project estimate, please fill out our online form.

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