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Attic Ventilation in Mississauga

Not many homeowners realize the importance of attic ventilation. While we understand that a “sealed” attic is necessary for attic insulation to perform properly, it seems counter-intuitive to allow airflow throughout the same space.

The purpose of attic ventilation is to create a balance between a well-insulated space and a well-ventilated space. This applies to both winter and summer seasons, even though weather dynamics might seem completely opposing.

Why You Need Attic Ventilation 

Attic ventilation addresses the natural principle that warm air rises. In a typical attic and roof cavity, various types of installed vents allow that warm air to escape. What many homeowners don’t know is that a certain number of vents is required per square foot of roofing area.

Air Circulation

Attic ventilation allows trapped air to be released from the attic and roof. This is achieved by installing a combination of air vents that permit air circulation throughout the year. Ideally, a professional would recommend the type and number of vents for optimum air ventilation.

Moisture Control

Adequate ventilation is also important for another reason – better control of air moisture. Moisture buildup in the attic and roof is quite common in winter and summer, and excessive moisture can cause numerous problems. The remedy is to properly ventilate the space from end to end.

Problems With Poor Ventilation

Inadequate attic ventilation can cause various problems. For one, overly moist attic insulation can lose its effectiveness. As well, your HVAC system (heating and cooling) may have to work harder in winter and summer. Worse still, excessive attic moisture may promote mold growth.

In winter, a poorly ventilated attic may cause ice to form on the roof edge and result in a problem known as "ice damming." This can damage roof shingles and even compromise some structural components. Finally, too much air moisture in the attic can result in severe rust and corrosion. 

Attic Inspection in Mississauga

In determining the need for ventilation upgrades, it’s wise to have a professional attic inspection. And while a DIY inspection might save some money in the short term, nothing compares with a comprehensive assessment from a professional who has the experience and expertise.

Inside and outside the attic, an in-depth assessment can identify all types of deficiencies – from ventilation to insulation to structural. As such, various remedies can be recommended to optimize performance. Here again, a professional approach to repairs and retrofits is preferred.

Attic Ventilation Solutions 

  • Low Profile Vents
  • Static Ridget Vents 
  • Soffit/Eave Vents
  • Rafter Vents
  • Gable Vents
  • Power Vents

In Mississauga, Choose EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting for Your Attic

For attic inspection in Mississauga and throughout the GTA, count on EcoComfort for the most comprehensive services. We thoroughly inspect the attic, recommend necessary repairs, and offer a variety of air ventilation options.

At EcoComfort, we guarantee the quality of every job and all the products that we install. Whether we’re installing insulation or ventilation, our aim is to provide enhanced energy efficiency and indoor comfort from season to season.

Contact the Attic Experts at EcoComfort online to learn more about our services or call us directly at 416-333-4554.

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