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DIY vs. Professional Attic Insulation Installation

Published on February 23, 2024

For Canadian homeowners, insulation plays a crucial role in maintaining a livable and comfortable home. Though often overlooked, attic insulation in particular can have a huge impact on regulating your home’s climate. Unfortunately, as time passes, your Vaughan attic insulation will inevitably deteriorate. For many homeowners, this can lead to an overwhelming amount of choices to be made. Like should you choose spray foam or blown-in insulation? Cellulose or fiberglass? DIY or professional installation?  While a DIY installation project might sound like a straightforward task, there’s a lot of important things to keep in mind. 

If you are interested in learning more about DIY vs. professional attic insulation installations, read on!

Cons of DIY Installation

DIY vs. Professional Attic Insulation InstallationDespite how simple the concept may seem, installing attic insulation is a big undertaking, even for your average handyman. Whether you’re installing spray foam or blown-in insulation, you’re going to want to make sure you’re using the right equipment necessary for the job.

This equipment can be very expensive to purchase and it cancels out the financial advantages of a DIY project. Though you can save money by renting the equipment, instead of outright purchasing it, many experts advise against this. Rental equipment can often be outdated, overworked and under-maintained, leaving you at risk of something going wrong. 

The potential risks of improperly installing attic insulation in Vaughan can have a very serious impact on both your home and its inhabitants. 

In the midst of the installation process, special care must be placed on your own health and safety. This means safety shoes, gloves, well-fitting masks, and overall protective clothing. Remember, your insulation is designed to be a barrier between your home and the outside world. As your insulation deteriorates, things like mold can begin to seep in, or, depending on when the original insulation was installed, it may contain toxins like formaldehyde and asbestos. Both of these toxins are now banned but were widely used in Canada up until the late seventies. 

Even after installing your attic insulation, if it is not done properly, it can still be costly and hazardous. Improperly installed attic insulation can lead to the growth of mold, higher energy bills, the build-up of rust or ice dams, and even the presence of pests like bugs or mice. Inhabitants of a home with poorly installed attic insulation might also notice skin irritations and respiratory problems. 

Professional Attic Insulation Installation.

You might be thinking, how different can a professional attic insulation installation be? Here’s how the team at EcoComfort Insulation do it.

They’ll keep your home clean and safe by laying down drop sheets wherever insulation hoses might be placed, including floors, walls, doors and windows. Insulation hoses will be promptly set up through the nearest windows, keeping all the machinery outside, to minimize the disturbance to your living spaces. High pressure insulation removal vacuums will be used to transport the old insulation from your attic, directly to the truck outside, to keep your home as clean as possible. Then the team will conduct an inspection on your attic and perform whatever adjustments may be necessary to ensure proper attic ventilation and air intake from your soffits. 

Unfortunately, sometimes in the process of attic insulation installation, unexpected issues can arise. Previously undetected mold can be found, old insulation can be contaminated, or maybe it was originally improperly installed. When you work with the professionals at EcoComfort Insulation, you can also be sure that these issues will be taken care of.

Once all the old insulation is out, the EcoComfort team can then expertly spray or blow-in your new attic insulation. They will also be sure to add new insulation and weather stripping to your attic hatch in order to prevent heat loss or air leakage. Then you’ll be invited up to conduct your own inspection as the homeowner, to be sure that everything is exactly to your needs. Before leaving, the crew will be sure to do a thorough vacuum and clean-up of their work area. 

This whole process can typically take the EcoComfort team from 4-10 hours to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the project. You can also stay safely within your home throughout the process as all the materials used are non-toxic and safe for indoor use.

Pros of Professional Installation

One of the biggest advantages of working with a professional on your attic insulation installation is having their years of experience at your disposal. Experienced professionals have the ability to assess situations much more quickly and accurately than most of us. They are able to pivot and handle unexpected complications in a safe and timely manner. They can even provide you with more personalized advice based on your home’s unique needs and problems. Experienced professionals can provide you with better quality workmanship within a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself. They also have the expertise to work swiftly and safely with the materials and advanced equipment needed for attic insulation installation.  

Another advantage of working with a team of professions is having their guarantee. When you work with the professionals at EcoComfort, you can be sure that all the materials are safe, and that the job will be done efficiently and correctly. As you know, improperly installed attic insulation can be both costly and dangerous to your health. That’s why the team at EcoComfort Insulation holds such rigid quality standards and offers a warranty on all services. So, you can worry less about potential health risks or expensive redos, and simply enjoy your home. 

While a DIY project might initially feel like the cheaper option, once you factor in the price of equipment, potential redos and safety risks, it can add up to a very costly endeavour. By bringing in experienced professionals, you can save yourself the mental strain, physical labour and potential health impacts of an attic insulation installation.

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We Are Attic Service Experts

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We Offer Affordable Pricing & Quality Service, Guaranteed

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