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In Vaughan and throughout the GTA, home insulation has become a much higher priority for homeowners. It’s relevant because of the weather extremes during summer and winter. With frigid winters and humid summers, attic insulation is essential in maintaining indoor comfort.

Homeowners shopping for attic insulation in Vaughan are mainly interested in reducing energy usage, and therefore reducing annual energy costs. The thing is – with quality attic insulation there are many other benefits, with indoor comfort measurably enhanced around the year.

It’s All About Insulation Performance

Throughout much of southern Ontario, residential attics were typically insulated with some sort of material. Over the years the insulation material deteriorated and began to underperform. It means that hot humid air flows into the house in summer, and warm indoor air escapes in winter. Both of these performance issues cause the heating and cooling equipment to work overtime.

When attic insulation isn’t performing, the heating and air conditioning systems consume more energy when providing indoor comfort in winter and summer. More than that, energy costs will be overly high and the HVAC system itself will experience additional wear and tear. The remedy is high quality attic insulation, along with proper air sealing and appropriate air ventilation.

It May Be Time to Upgrade Insulation

In most residential homes, the attic space is completely out-of-sight. It means that any developing problems are difficult to diagnose unless there are obvious signs and symptoms. When insulation in the attic is underperforming, the various symptoms will signal the need for attention. That’s when it’s time to have a professional inspection and assessment to determine problem areas.

•  there could be hot and/or cold areas in the home

•  some rooms in the house may have drafty spots

•  the HVAC system might be quite overburdened

•  seasonal heating/cooling bills may be very high

•  room temperatures may be difficult to regulate

The Benefits of Cellulose Insulation

Blown-in cellulose is one of the most cost-effective installations for the attic. This product is a combination of plant cellulose and recycled paper – considered eco-friendly compared to other insulation products. Blown-in cellulose makes for a worthwhile investment and an excellent return-on-investment. The product can be installed quickly and with little installation mess.

In the attic and roof cavity, blown-in cellulose is an excellent option for insulating irregular and awkward spaces. When the attic is appropriately air sealed, cellulose insulation provides very good coverage throughout the entire space. Even more, with professional installation, blown in cellulose can be effectively used to insulate exterior walls (and without damage to the walls).

Beyond any of the performance benefits of cellulose insulation, there are other advantages. The installed materials resist mold and mildew as well as insects and animals. This is something very important in an attic space. In terms of energy efficiency, a professional installation will ensure that the heating and cooling system won’t be overworked during the summer and the winter.

A Professional Installation is Better

A well-insulated attic significantly reduces heating and cooling costs because much less energy is consumed. With a professional installation, the benefits are immediately noticeable: air leakage is measurably reduced; air moisture is better controlled, and air quality is enhanced seasonally.

From an environmental perspective, improved attic insulation helps to reduce a home’s carbon footprint. In addition, blown-in cellulose is considered an eco-friendly product and offers various benefits to the environment. In general, improved energy efficiency is always a positive option.

At EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting, in house professionals offer a complete range of services – from attic insulation removal to attic/roof repairs, to ventilation installation, to mold removal. With new insulation installed, we ensure a “system” that delivers energy efficiency and indoor comfort.

For Attic Insulation – It’s EcoComfort

EcoComfort provides expert attic insulation in Vaughan and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our highly experienced installer teams do it right – with quality insulation products and a high level of workmanship. We specialize in blown-in cellulose, and we make sure that the attic space is properly sealed and ventilated. Blown-in cellulose has proven to be an excellent install.

While there are many insulation products to choose from in the market, EcoComfort delivers very effective results with cellulose, and with reliable long-term performance. We inspect and assess the attic/roof cavity and we then recommend the best approach for repairs, retrofits, and installation of insulation material. We insist on a comprehensive approach with attic insulation.

With EcoComfort, It’s All Guaranteed

Homeowners shopping for attic insulation in Vaughan can rely on EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting for professional installation from end to end. Whether we remove insulation, make necessary repairs, or re-insulate completely, we always offer the highest quality products and the highest level of workmanship. Our products are guaranteed, and our work is warrantied.

For those living in older homes, EcoComfort can significantly improve energy efficiency by installing a quality cellulose product and providing additional retrofits. In fact, with substantial attic insulation upgrades, annual dollar savings on heating and cooling are considerable. So much so, that the savings (over the years) can easily pay down the original cost of the upgrades.

EcoComfort installs cellulose insulation because of the many benefits. Professionally installed, the product provides satisfactory thermal insulation; does not contain harmful chemicals, and is fire resistant throughout the installation space. Blown-in cellulose is also treated to resist insects and animals, something that is quite important in a space like an attic and roof cavity.

Product-wise, EcoComfort installs high quality, Canadian Approved insulation materials. The products are manufacturer-warrantied, and when professionally installed, are guaranteed to perform as advertised. We make every effort to ensure that installations are done right, and we do our best to satisfy every customer regardless of the size of the job or the scope of work.

Find out more about EcoComfort services by calling one of our experts at 416-333-4554, or visit our company website at www.ecocomfortinsulators.ca. Homeowners in Vaughan and the GTA can also arrange for a FREE price estimate by filling out our convenient online CONTACT FORM.

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