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Attic Ventilation in Vaughan     

Most homeowners have a good understanding of attic insulation and how it works. But not many have a good understanding of how attic ventilation works. While the attic space needs to be “air sealed," it’s also necessary to have appropriate airflow through the attic and roof cavity. This is where attic ventilation in Vaughan comes into play. 

Attic ventilation is part of a “system” that works with attic insulation to provide home comfort and energy efficiency. As such, proper air circulation in the attic is vital in winter and summer. The point is, without adequate ventilation, the insulation won’t deliver maximum performance levels.

Problems Caused by Poor Ventilation

When attic ventilation is inadequate, the HVAC system (heating and cooling) works harder to provide indoor comfort during summer and winter. And with excessive moisture accumulating, the moist environment could provide an environment for mold to grow.

In winter, inadequate attic ventilation in Vaughan causes ice to form along the edge of the roof. This is called  “ice damming," and it’s caused by the constant melting and freezing of ice and snow. Ice dams will often damage roof shingles and even ruin the roof structure.

Signs Your Attic Needs Added Ventilation 

  • Frequent HVAC Maintenance 
  • Higher Heating or Cooling Bills 
  • Rusted Roof or Water Damage 
  • Mold or Mildew Growth
  • Ice Dams 

Optimize Attic Insulation with Proper Ventilation

In every home, warm air will rise and collect in the attic and roof cavity. Then, the existing attic vent system allows the warm air to ventilate out. Needless to say, numerous attic vents are required to ensure optimal ventilation during winter and summer.

Venting your attic is essential for managing air moisture to reduce humidity and mitigate a host of problems. With a well-ventilated attic, air moisture isn’t given a chance to accumulate, thus avoiding associated problems. At EcoComfort our team will assess your attic and install attic ventilation to maximize insulation performance. 

Installing Attic Ventilation in Vaughan

It’s important for an experienced professional to install attic ventilation. At EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting, our customers are assured of complete satisfaction from start to finish. Intially an attic inspection in Vaughan will help the team identify the preformance of insulation so we can recomend the best ventilation problems for symptoms in your home and attic. 

Once a combination of air vents has been installed, air circulation is assured throughout the attic. Our experienced installers will recommend the best type of vents for the purpose and the exact number of vents to ensure maximum ventilation. Once complete, the results are noticeable.

Attic Inspection in Vaughan and GTA

In determining which air vents would be best suited in an attic, a professional inspection is the best option. It’s true that a DIY inspection is easy and cheap. Still, nothing can compare with an assessment from an experienced professional.

An in-depth attic assessment considers everything from ventilation needs to insulation needs. As well, all types of repairs and retrofits are considered for the purpose of optimizing seasonal home energy efficiency in addition to indoor comfort.

Choosing the Professionals at EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting

In Vaughan and throughout the GTA, EcoComfort specializes in a wide range of attic and roof services. We always guarantee our products and installations while ensuring complete customer satisfaction on every job. 

To find out more about how to improve your Vaughan home’s insulation performance contact the attic experts at EcoComfort today! 


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