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Mold Remediation in Vaughan

Because the attic is out of sight, mold can grow and thrive without being noticed. It can actually hide in the attic for quite some time before any signs are visible. In fact, the attic is ideal for mold to grow – it’s dark, it’s humid, and there’s plenty of organic material to feed on.

In the attic space, mold will often grow on the installed insulation. In a worst-case situation, attic insulation removal may be required, along with professional remediation. For mold remediation in Vaughan, homeowners should work with an experienced team.

Suspect Mold In Your Attic? What to Do Next.

If mold growth is suspected in the attic, a professional attic inspection is the best first step. A good attic inspection will determine the source and scope of the mold outbreak. The idea is to act quickly to avoid big problems from developing. More than that, a thorough inspection will also assess moisture conditions and ventilation in the attic. If the installed insulation is damaged, removal may be necessary.

A professional attic inspection in Vaughan will: 

  • Determine the extent of a mold outbreak 
  • Source or conditions conducive to mold 
  • Source samples for testing and identifying different species of mold 
  • Highlight any potential danger to the structure or health risks 

Select Professional Mold Rememdiation Services 

A mold outbreak can be potentially hazardous, so working with a professional is the preferred option. At EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting, we begin by thoroughly inspecting the attic, testing the mold when required, and providing safe removal and disposal. We will also recommend various retrofits in the attic, including re-installation options for new insulation materials that will resist future mold growth.

Mold Growth and Attic Insulation 

If mold appears in the attic, where it can be difficult to notice, mold will likely infiltrate and compromise insulation. Often, the insulation material is a food source for the mold, and the consequent damages would necessitate complete insulation removal and replacement. This is dangerous work requiring the right remediation equipment and the appropriate mold experience and expertise.

Prevent mold growth with quality insulation

One key factor in assuring a mold-resistant attic is high-quality insulation. With proper air sealing and adequate ventilation, quality insulation materials will prevent mold from growing and thriving. With a product like blown-in cellulose, the materials are chemically treated to avoid mold growth. When the attic has been effectively remediated, an attic insulation upgrade to blown-in cellulose is the ideal re-installation.

For Professional Mold Remediation in Vaughan You Can Count on the Attic Experts at EcoComfort

When it comes to mold remediation and removal, homeowners in Vaughan can count on the experts at EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting to do it right. Our technicians are highly trained – they know where to look for mold – they know when testing is required - and they know how to effectively remove and dispose of the waste materials.

EcoComfort technicians are IICRC Certified and highly experienced in dealing with mold outbreaks of any size. We also manage attic insulation removal, ensuring that everything satisfies industry standards and all contaminated materials are safely disposed of. 

Contact the experts at EcoComfort to find out more about our attic services in Vaughan or send us a message online today!

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