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Attic Inspection in Burlington

In any residential home, an attic inspection is essential for identifying potential problems that may be lurking out of sight. In most homes, the attic and roof cavity is completely out of sight, so problems can develop over time without being visible.

A comprehensive attic inspection allows for a preventive approach so that budding problems are remedied before they worsen. For a proper attic inspection in Burlington, homeowners should definitely opt for an expert.

With a professional attic inspection, everything is properly and thoroughly assessed – from the structure to the insulation to the ventilation. By catching problems early, it's possible to prevent more significant issues from developing and being costly.

The Benefits of an Attic Inspection 

A professional attic inspection in Burlington will provide valuable information for a homeowner. Moisture issues can be addressed – mold growth can be identified – and attic insulation performance can be evaluated. As well, a comprehensive inspection will evaluate the condition of the interior and exterior of the roof. This is the very best way to identify problem areas and ensure immediate attention. With a professional on hand, viable remedies can be recommended for the best long-term benefits. 

What to Expect From Your Attic Inspection in Burlington

Over the years, almost every home will experience attic and roof issues – it's just a matter of wear and tear season after season. 

Our experts will inspect your attic and assess: 

  • Ventilation: Attic ventilation may be inadequate, leading to problems like increased moisture and mold growth.
  • Water Leaks & Moisture: Unnoticed water leaks and moisture in the roof and attic can deteriorate organic materials, damage insulation, and be conducive to mold. 
  • Mold Infestation: Attics are ideal environments for mold, growth attic inspections will identify any otherwise unknown outbreaks. 
  • Animals & Insects: Identify any birds, rodents, insects living throughout the attic that are likely to cause deterioration to the insulation and structure. 
  • Insulation Performance (R-Value): an inspection from an attic expert will determine any damage to your insulation or loss of efficacy to determine if upgrades or retrofits are needed.

Assessing Existing Attic Insulation 

One of the more critical aspects of an attic inspection is assessing the existing insulation. The aim is to gauge performance levels that directly affect indoor comfort and energy efficiency. This will also set the stage for possible upgrades and retrofits for better performance, much-improved energy efficiency, and enhanced indoor comfort. Here again, early detection by a professional is the key to doing the work before problems advance and repair work becomes more costly. 

Follow Up Work With a Professional

Once an attic inspection has been completed, there may be repairs and retrofits required. This may include attic insulation removal, roof leak repairs, an attic insulation upgrade, and even expert mold remediation. Whatever the problem, this is work that requires a professional. This isn’t the right time for a DIY project because product experience and installation experience are essential to long-term results. More than that, professionals don't cut corners or take shortcuts.

Homeowners in Burlington Can Count on EcoComfort Insulation and Contracting

At EcoComfort Insulation and Contracting, our attic specialists will assess problem areas and recommend the best upgrades and retrofits.

In fact, we do it all: – from attic inspections to roof leak repairs to insulation removal to insulation upgrades and everything in between. 

Contact one of our in-house attic experts today to learn more about our full range of attic services in Burlington!

Attic issues? Poor insulation? Ventilation problems? Pest damages? Wet insulation? Attic Mould? We do it all!

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