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Mold Remediation in Burlington

Have you noticed a strange, foul, musty odour lingering in your home?

You might need professional mold remediation for your attic. 

Why is Mold Infiltrating Your Home? 

Mold grows around us as part of the natural environment, so it’s no surprise that it can enter our homes. The big problem for homeowners is that mold grows and spreads without being seen or noticed. And this is particularly evident in the attic, where we rarely venture.

With the right conditions, mold will grow and spread quite quickly. Typically, there are three elements required for mold to thrive: air moisture, organic feeding materials, and little air movement. The attic provides the perfect environment for mold to infiltrate that space.

The best way to check for mold and the best way to adopt a preventative approach is to have a professional attic inspection in Burlington. In this way, attic ventilation can be assessed, moisture levels can be checked, and various retrofits can be recommended.

Signs That Mold is Spreading

When stale, musty odours are noticeable from the attic, it’s possible that mold is already growing. On inspection, there may be black stains on the attic wood, indicating that the mold has started to feed. In a worst-case situation, a serious mold outbreak will have established and grown in the attic insulation.

Some Consequences of Mold in Your Burlington Attic 

While mold can certainly cause structural damage in the attic, there are also possible health risks, particularly for elderly people and young children living in the home. Health symptoms vary, but by any definition, it's not a good option to be living (and breathing) with mold infiltrating throughout the attic.

Mold Remediation in Burlington 

When mold is discovered, there’s always a cause. That’s why professional remediation is preferred – to identify the cause and source of the mold outbreak. At EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting, our aim is to pinpoint the mold source, determine the extent of the outbreak, and recommend a solution.

Our trained technicians begin with a comprehensive inspection of the attic, followed by mold testing when required. Then it’s time for the safe removal and disposal of the mold. For mold remediation in Burlington, homeowners can count on the most comprehensive approach from EcoComfort.

Mold Remediation is Important

With attic mold, professional mold remediation is essential in providing long-term results. EcoComfort does it right the first time – we prevent “cross-contamination” – we make sure that airborne spores don’t spread – we ensure safe removal – and we guarantee appropriate disposal of waste material.

Benefits of an Attic Inspection

By having an expert attic inspection, mold can be detected early, and potential physical damages can be averted. At EcoComfort, we can recommend remediation options after an inspection and offer product alternatives for upgrading attic insulation. Blown-in cellulose is often a great choice.

Attic Insulation in Burlington

For attic insulation in Burlington, EcoComfort highly recommends blown-in cellulose. It's a very effective upgrade, providing improved energy efficiency and designed to prevent the growth and proliferation of mold. The product is very well suited for the attic and offers satisfactory R-Values.

EcoComfort Provides Expert Mold Removal and Remediation

EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting offers comprehensive attic services in Burlington and throughout the GTA. We are your attic experts!  

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