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Attic Insulation Removal in Oakville

Attic insulation does not last forever – its performance capacity will diminish year after year for various reasons. Poorly performing insulation results in problems around the home and may need to be removed either partially or completely. Certainly, insulation removal should be followed with an attic insulation upgrade. 

For attic insulation removal in Oakville, it’s best to work with professionals like at EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting. We do it all – we inspect existing insulation, we remove old insulation, and we recommend repairs and retrofits.

When upgrading attic insulation, professionals deliver the best results. At EcoComfort, we’ll identify the upgrades that are required, we’ll recommend the best quality products, and we’ll provide the expert installation work from start to finish.

Attic Insulation Removal Oakville

Attic insulation may require removal for several reasons. In addition to deterioration, there may also be damaged or water-soaked materials. As well, there may be inadequate insulation to provide satisfactory energy efficiency. What's important is to assess the condition and performance of the existing attic insulation and move forward with upgrades that will make for a positive improvement.

Signs That Removal is Necessary

In a typical attic, insulation performance will weaken for several reasons. 

You made need professional attic insulation removal in Oakville if: 

  • your insulation is 15 to 20 years old 
  • there is water damage in your attic 
  • animal or pests have infiltrated your attic 
  • mold is growing in insulation or attic
  • there are high levels of air moisture  

With a good attic inspection, issues and deficiencies can be easily identified, and viable remedies can be recommended as a first step.

The Benefits of a Comprehensive Attic Inspection in Oakville

A good attic inspection will identify deteriorating materials, damaged insulation, and any other issues or problems that will determine if your attic will benefit from insulation removal. For a professional attic inspection in Oakville, choosing an experienced contractor has advantages. Here again, EcoComfort can provide the full extent of attic services – from inspection to repairs to removal to installation. This comprehensive approach delivers the best possible results.

Professional Insulation Removal

When attic insulation requires removal, the work requires professional expertise. This is not a good time for a DIY project because the removal can be risky, especially if the insulation is contaminated in some way. More importantly, insulation removal will require safe and effective disposal. Taking shortcuts or cutting corners with insulation removal will only complicate the process and add costs. 

Blown-in Cellulose for the Attic

Homeowners considering an attic insulation upgrade will benefit greatly when installing blown-in cellulose. When professionally installed, energy efficiency is improved, R-Values are enhanced, and air leakage is effectively blocked. Additionally, the cellulose material is fire-resistant, mold-resistant, and eco-friendly. This installation is one of the more cost-effective options for attic insulation.

In Oakville and throughout the GTA, Choose the Experts at EcoComfort

EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting offers a wide range of attic services. As the “Attic Experts”, we provide professional attic inspection in Oakville, as well as roof repairs and mold remediation. Before any work begins, we undertake a thorough inspection of the attic and roof cavity to determine the scope of work required. 

Call one of our in-house attic experts or send us a message online to find out more about our Oakville attic services.


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