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Attic Insulation Upgrades in Oakville

When your attic is properly sealed and insulated, it's impossible for winter heating and summer cooling to leak out through the roof. If you’re considering attic insulation upgrades in Oakville, the results will be practically immediate, with better energy efficiency and reduced utility bills.

Before installing any insulation and contracting professional attic insulation services, it's a good idea to have an attic inspection. With a comprehensive inspection, it’s possible to assess insulation performance and to further identify potential problem areas throughout the attic and roof cavity.

In any home, large or small, upgrading the attic insulation will make a difference. Home energy efficiency will be improved, indoor comfort will be enhanced, and utility bills will be reduced from season to season, around the year. Heating and cooling costs will be dramatically reduced.

Whether you’re in a newly built home, or an older home, it’s important to inspect the attic when the seasons change. This will ensure that energy usage is better controlled and indoor comfort is better maintained. In the end, so much depends on air leakage and insulation performance. If you live in the Oakville area, attic insulation upgrades may be the best approach to maximizing indoor comfort and lowering energy bills.

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Attic insulation upgrades make a big difference

Attics are a huge source of air leakage in most homes. This compromises energy use in winter and summer. In winter, heat loss is common when insulation is underperforming. In the summer, air leakage allows hot, humid air to enter the home. Both scenarios cause your HVAC system to work overtime to maintain comfort – it means more energy consumption and high utility bills.

Controlling airflow in a typical residential home is a big challenge for any homeowner. The most effective way to control airflow is to properly insulate, and the attic is the most important area of the house. EcoComfort provides professional attic insulation upgrades in Oakville, with a choice of blown-in fiberglass or blown-in cellulose – both ensuring insulation performance and value.

EcoComfort offers high quality attic insulation

With EcoComfort, you can be sure of insulation materials that are best suited for your home. We will recommend the product and installation that best fits your needs and your budget. Our aim, of course, is to maximize energy efficiency, lower your seasonal utility bills, and ensure comfort.

Insulation Batts

Probably the most well known of insulation products, insulation batts are “fluffy” rectangular sections of insulation that are typically fabricated with fibreglass. Batts are custom cut to fit into a specific space in the attic and provide satisfactory R-Value. Additional air sealing is required.

Blown-in Insulation

Blown-in insulation effectively insulates the entire attic, including all the irregular spaces found throughout. With satisfactory R- Value, this installation is one of the more cost-effective methods for the attic. Blown-in insulation is also used to upgrade exterior wall insulation very efficiently.

EcoComfort recommends blown-in cellulose

When it comes to attic insulation upgrades, EcoComfort highly recommends blown-in cellulose. The product is considered eco-friendly because it’s fabricated with recycled waste paper, and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. We prefer blown-in cellulose because of the many benefits.

  • both product and installation are cost effective
  • the installation is quick, clean, and convenient
  • cellulose provides long term thermal protection
  • the installation resists mold and mildew growth
  • cellulose will not attract any rodents or insects
  • the finished install improves energy efficiency
  • reduced energy consumption means less costs

Look For Energy Efficient Attic Insulation Upgrades

Throughout the winter, inadequate attic insulation allows indoor heat to leak out through the roof. This heat loss causes the furnace to work overtime just to keep the home nice and warm. It’s similar in summer when cool air leaks out through the roof, and the air conditioner works extra hard to keep the house cool. This is a time to contract professional attic insulation services.

At EcoComfort Insulation and Contracting, we recommend blown-in cellulose for the attic. This product provides good R-Values and allows for excellent coverage in all parts of the attic. When the attic is suitably air-sealed throughout, blown-in cellulose will effectively block air leaks and properly insulate the home. We’ve found the product to be both effective and cost-efficient.

Thermal Performance 

  • Blown-in cellulose provides an excellent level of thermal performance when professionally installed. This product can be installed to upgrade existing insulation and thus boost existing R-Values. Blown-in cellulose is a perfect "top-up" when insulation is clean and uncontaminated.

Fire Resistant Material

  • Blown-in cellulose is specially treated to be fire-resistant. When installed according to the manufacturer's specifications, the installed materials will impede the spread of fire. Finally, industry fire tests suggest that the product is more fire-resistant than comparable products.

Effective Coverage

  • A residential attic space has numerous areas that are "hard-to-reach." Those areas are very efficiently insulated with the blown-in cellulose product. Although "hard-to-reach" areas limit physical access, blown-in cellulose fills cracks and crevices far better than traditional batts.

Good Investment

  • With a professional installation, blown-in cellulose will require fewer man-hours and less work than comparable home insulation products. With reasonable installation costs and a high-quality insulation product, blown-in cellulose makes for an excellent long-term investment.

Non-Toxic Product

  • Blown-in cellulose does not contain asbestos, formaldehyde, or other harmful chemicals. During fabrication, the cellulose is specially treated with boric acid. It’s a treatment designed to act as an insecticide and antiseptic, and it's very important for resisting mold and deterring insects in the attic.

Attic Inspections Are Valuable 

Before undertaking any attic insulation upgrades in Oakville, homeowners should consider a thorough attic inspection. A good inspection is an excellent first step for uncovering developing problems and issues – like damaged insulation, poor ventilation, structural defects, and air leaks.

The primary purpose of an attic inspection is to address problem areas before they get worse and become costly. For the most part, attics are concealed, so problems can advance quickly and without being noticed. A good inspection uncovers problem areas and presents solutions.

If you’re selling or buying a home, it’s also a good opportunity to inspect the attic and roof. For a buyer or seller, the inspection provides an assessment of the attic and roof structure and averts any unwelcome surprises. Here again, air leaks, insulation, and ventilation are all assessed.

Professional or DIY Installation

If you’ve decided to install new attic insulation, it may be tempting to try out a DIY installation, especially in an effort to save money. The fact is, nothing can compare with professional attic insulation services. Professional contractors have the required experience and expertise.

From attic inspection to finished installation, professional insulation contractors do it right the first time. At EcoComfort Insulation and Contracting, our customers are assured of a comprehensive approach to every project. Most importantly, all of our products and work are guaranteed.

EcoComfort Insulation and Contracting Offers Attic Insulation Upgrades in Oakville

There’s no question that a well-insulated attic will dramatically boost energy efficiency and noticeably improve indoor comfort. With EcoComfort on the job, you can be sure that our quality products and quality installations will deliver long-lasting results.

Before we do any installation work, our team performs an attic inspection to establish what type of repairs and retrofits might be required. At this point, we also determine if the existing insulation material must be replaced or if a "top-up" application will suffice.

Count on the EcoComfort Insulator Team In Oakville

With EcoComfort, you can expect 100% satisfaction with both product and installation. Our team of experts will comprehensively seal and insulate your attic, and provide maximum performance and energy efficiency throughout the year. Contact us directly at 416-333-4554 or fill out our online form for your FREE estimate. As the Attic Experts, we have the experience and expertise to do the job right the first time.

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