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Blown-In Insulation in Oakville    

Attic insulation is one of the best and most important investments you can make for your home. Unlike aesthetic home improvements, home insulation delivers years of dollar savings on heating and cooling bills. And along with home comfort, the dollar savings practically pay off the original investment.

While all insulation products serve the same purpose, there are some differences in performance and cost. In addition to long-lasting effectiveness, blown-in insulation installation is easy and fast. For homeowners considering blown-in insulation in Oakville, the best option is to work with insulation professionals who do it all from end to end.

Blown-in insulation in Oakville

The idea behind attic insulation is to provide thermal protection for the home. As such, warm indoor air is prevented from escaping in winter, and warm outdoor air is prevented from intruding in summer. This “system” allows for seasonal home comfort and efficient home energy.

When it comes to insulating the attic and roof cavity, blown-in cellulose has proven to be a very effective product. With proper air sealing and appropriate air ventilation installed, the blown-in cellulose is well suited for the attic and one of the more cost-effective insulation options. 

The Benefits of Blown Insulation

When professionally installed, blown-in insulation provides satisfactory R-Values throughout the attic while effectively blocking existing air leaks. Blown-in cellulose simply delivers results. In addition, it's an environmentally friendly product - it’s fire-resistant - and it’s mold resistant.

This product is ideal for insulating “hard-to-reach” spaces in the attic. It fills openings and gaps much better than batt insulation. As a blown-in product, it requires less installation time than other insulation products and is, therefore, a very cost-effective installation.

Choose an Expert Attic Insulation

Prior to any insulation work, it’s wise to have a thorough attic inspection. This is the best way to assess the existing insulation, the ventilation capacity, and the structural components in the attic. As such, problem areas can be identified before they become costly problems.

A professional attic inspection will also identify air leaks, moisture issues, and even mold growth. The objective, of course, is to provide remedies when deficiencies are uncovered. And this may include various repairs, retrofits, and upgrades – all designed to improve energy efficiency.

Attic Insulation Removal Required

In the attic, insulation removal may be required for a number of reasons. But regardless of the reason, it’s important to do the work professionally. The insulation may have deteriorated over time. There may be water damage or mold damage. Or there may be animal contamination.

With severe deterioration, insulation removal would be a certainty. But in some cases, complete removal may not be required, and the existing insulation may only require a "top-up" approach. Here again, blown-in insulation will do the trick, very efficiently and very cost-effectively.

For Professional Attic Insulation in Oakville Choose EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting

Customers shopping for attic insulation in Oakville can rely on EcoComfort when it comes to quality products and installations. Our team of installers are highly experienced with blown-in cellulose, and our installation work is always fully guaranteed.

We install safe, Canadian-made products that deliver long-term results season after season. 

Contact us today to learn more about our blown-in insulation services in Oakville. We also have an online form to request a FREE estimate.

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