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What Insulation Should You Use in Your Attic? 

Published on October 15, 2019

If you’ve decided that your home needs an insulation upgrade, then it’s time to find a reputable installer amongst the many insulation contractors in Toronto. Finding a good insulation company in Toronto will ensure the highest standard of workmanship and the highest quality products. Choosing the best attic insulation product for ...

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How Does Attic Insulation Removal Work?

Published on October 04, 2019

Homeowners wondering about attic insulation removal usually have the same question – does my attic insulation need to be completely removed? The fact is, with residential attic insulation removal, it’s not always necessary to remove all of the existing insulation completely. Most attic insulations, particularly in older homes, will settle over the years ...

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The Benefits of Blown-In Attic Insulation

Published on September 13, 2019

In the attic and roof cavity, blown-in attic insulation is one of the more cost-effective installations. At EcoComfort, we install two types of blown-in attic insulation – blown-in fibreglass and blown-in cellulose. Each product has pros and cons, while providing satisfactory insulation performance. While many of our customers have realized better results with blown-in ...

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Can You Put New Insulation Over Old Insulation?

Published on August 29, 2019

If you need to enhance the existing insulation in your home, you may be wondering about installing new insulation over old insulation. The fact is, there’s probably some type of insulation in your exterior walls and throughout your attic. The important thing is to determine the condition of your existing insulation and then ...

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What R-Value Does My Attic Insulation Need?

Published on August 16, 2019

Certainly, we all want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and it starts around our homes when we look at how much attic insulation we have installed in our home. At EcoComfort, we can help you understand all things attic insulation in Toronto when you need help with the upgrade of your home’s ...

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10 Things to Consider Before Adding Insulation To Your Attic

Published on January 17, 2019

As your energy bills increase, it becomes much more of a priority to make your home more efficient by adding insulation to your attic. Your attic may not be properly insulated or has old and deteriorating insulation that may be costing you thousands of dollars. Renewing the insulation in your attic is a great idea ...

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What are the Benefits of Removing Old Attic Insulation in Toronto

Published on December 11, 2018

Winter isn’t just coming - it’s here, and it’s time to think about removing old attic insulation in Toronto to make sure that you and your family aren’t suffering the effects of outdated or insufficient insulation. If you haven’t upgraded your insulation in the last 15 ...

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Cellulose Insulation vs. Foam Insulation

Published on November 08, 2018

The arena is noisy, full of cheering fans ready for the big fight when the lights dim…. And out come our two main contenders: cellulose insulation vs. foam insulation! Ok - while there are no boxing matches happening with any regularity between insulation types, it can sometimes seem like there are two very opinionated ...

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How to Choose an Insulation Contractor in Toronto

Published on November 05, 2018

The average age of a house in the city of Toronto combined with the boom in property sales in the past few years has resulted in many new home improvement businesses, and as an  insulation contractor in Toronto, EcoComfort Insulation knows how overwhelming it can be to sort through the many options available to ...

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Blown in Insulation Will Improve Your Heating & Cooling System

Blown in Insulation Will Improve Your Heating & Cooling System

Published on October 08, 2018

The key to having a comfortable indoor environment is having good insulation. Blown in insulation will improve your heating and cooling system and bring better energy efficiency and a more stable indoor temperature to your home. Insulation is so important to your home, because it affects so many of the moving parts that keep your ...

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