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Whether a new construction or an older established home, Toronto property owners should always examine if their house is ready for the upcoming change in season. Controlling energy costs while maintaining comfort in the home has always been the biggest challenge for local homeowners and unfinished areas of the home are usually the source of air leaks. Installing attic insulation in Toronto and sealing air leaks is the best way to keep your home comfortable while lowering your monthly energy bill.

Installing attic insulation in Toronto gets your home ready for any season

As hot air rises throughout your home, it can accumulate in areas which are prone to heat loss, such as an empty attic. Attics are perfect for storage or as an emergency bedroom, however, the unfinished space above the top floor can create numerous problems for homeowners. During the winter months, homes are heated and that warmer air rises throughout the home eventually reaching the attic. Non-insulated attics can easily allow hot or cold air to escape causing the heating or cooling system to run longer to maintain the desired temperature. This means more energy consumption and higher utility bills. Local homeowners should consider installing attic insulation in Toronto to reduce those monthly costs.

Your attic may be costing you money

Builders rarely insulate attics when constructing homes and they are usually left in an unfinished state. Open slats and exposed exterior walls provide many opportunities for air to escape which directly impacts the cost of heating and cooling your home. A higher energy bill means your heating and cooling equipment is operating longer than it should resulting in increased wear and tear on equipment. Fully insulating your home’s attic will reduce energy consumption and save you money in unnecessary and costly furnace and air conditioning repairs.

A high tech solution for an old problem

No home construction is ever perfect and controlling and maintaining air flow within the home is one of the biggest challenges for homeowners in Toronto. Older homes have their own set of unique problems related to wear and tear. Professional insulation specialists believe that proper attic insulation in Toronto is the most efficient way to control airflow, reduce costs and keep the home comfortable all year round. EcoComfort offers the latest in blown-in fiberglass or blown-in cellulose insulation and ensures the complete coverage of your attic.

Trust the professionals at EcoComfort for the best attic insulation in Toronto

Proper attic insulation in Toronto is proven to drastically cut heating costs throughout the winter season by keeping cold air out, and trapping warm air in. Thorough and expertly installed attic insulation will reduce energy consumption, saving money in both energy and repair bills.  Property owners should only trust professionals with extensive residential experience to complete the job. EcoComfort is Toronto’s experienced attic insulation contractor you can trust to get the job done right the first time. Homeowners can expect 100 percent satisfaction in both the job and the price when hiring EcoComfort to insulate their attic. EcoComfort has the residential home experience and expertise to fully seal and insulate your home’s attic and upper crawlspaces. Contact EcoComfort for a free estimate today.

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