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Blown-In Insulation in Vaughan    

In a typical residential home, attic insulation provides thermal protection from season to season. In winter, warm indoor air is blocked from escaping, and in summer, warm outdoor air is blocked from entering. It’s a “system” that provides home comfort and energy efficiency.

When insulation is underperforming there are challenges for a homeowner. Room temperatures may fluctuate. Monthly utility costs may be high. Or there may be some drafty areas in the home, resulting in some discomfort. It may be time for an attic insulation upgrade.

For blown-in insulation in Vaughan, it’s best to work with a professional. Starting off with a thorough attic inspection, blown-in cellulose may be the best option in the attic. This is a top-quality product that will deliver many benefits with long-lasting results.

Signs That Insulation Isn’t Performing

Because the attic is out of sight in most homes, it’s difficult to notice insulation problems as they develop. However, there are certain signs and symptoms that point to underperformance. During a professional attic inspection in Vaughan, the EcoComfort team can assess and identify any problems and recommend repairs and retrofits.

  • certain room temperatures may be hard to regulate
  • there could be hot areas or cold areas in the home
  • some areas of the home may experience draftiness
  • the HVAC system (heat/cool) may be overworking
  • heating and cooling bills may be getting overly high

Choose a Professional Attic Inspection

A professional attic inspection is the best way to assess existing insulation materials, as well as air leakage and air ventilation. Problem areas can be identified early and issues can be resolved before they become costly. The objective is to remedy deficiencies before installing any new insulation. As such, repairs, retrofits, and upgrades can all contribute to better energy efficiency.

Installing Blown-In Insulation in the Attic 

Blown-in cellulose provides satisfactory R-Values in the attic while effectively blocking air leaks. The product is fire-resistant and mold resistant which is ideal for a space like an attic. As well, the blown-in material easily fills “hard-to-reach” spaces, openings, and gaps. Blown-in insulation also requires less install time than other products, making for quite a cost-effective project.

For Blown-In Insulation in Vaughan It’s EcoComfort Insulation & Contracting

Customers shopping around for attic insulation in Vaughan are assured of the highest quality products with EcoComfort. Our expert installers are experienced with blown-in cellulose producs and our installation work is guaranteed.

At EcoComfort we do it all from end to end – we offer thorough attic inspections, safe insulation removal if required, and professional installation of new materials. Our attic insulation products are high quality and Canadian-approved.

In addition to installing quality attic insulation in Vaughan, EcoComfort also provides upgraded attic ventilation systems to meet the needs. Additionally, we can provide the necessary repairs and retrofits in the attic and roof cavity.

Contact the attic experts at EcoComfort to find out more about our products and services in Vaughan. We also have a handy online form to request a FREE estimate.

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