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Blown In Insulation in Mississauga

Installing blown in insulation in Mississauga is one of the fastest ways of improving your indoor environment, helping you to remain comfortable all year round while saving on your energy bills and increasing your energy efficiency. The improved nature of contemporary insulation materials and increased knowledge of home building, energy efficiency, and ventilation has meant that homes new and old no longer need to suffer from drafty rooms, high utility bills, and increased maintenance on HVAC and ventilation systems. It’s never been a better time to improve your home and remove old, degrading insulation that’s no longer to code.

When to Install blown in insulation in Mississauga

At EcoComfort, our top recommendation for your attic is to install blown in insulation in Mississauga because it has a huge overall effect on your home, and can help solve or alleviate problems exacerbated by an underperforming insulation. Whether it’s in the winter or summer months, an attic that lacks adequate insulation will cause trouble - it may be drawing heat from your conditioned rooms below, pushing heat downwards, or allowing condensation and mold to grow. Usually a under insulated attic space means that your furnace and air conditioning units need to work extra hard to keep up with a demand that never ceases, resulting in an overworked HVAC system. One of the easiest ways to know if poor attic insulation is a problem in your home is to look at your energy bills - if they’re consistently high, it might be underperforming insulation that’s causing you to lose heated or cooled air. Other common problems like hot or cold spots, mold growth, condensation, and drafty areas can also be indicators that something is not right.

The Benefits of Blown In Insulation

Beyond the benefit of being comfortable indoors, installing new blown in insulation in Mississauga will help you get the most from your home all year round. Blown in insulation has better, more complete coverage in attics than batt-style insulation, which may not always fill cracks, curves, and gaps. The installation of blown in insulation is a quick process, which makes it a better fit for our modern, fast paced lifestyles, and it can be installed on top of older, still viable insulation as a top up, improving its efficiency with the minimum disruption to your home. The most important benefit of installing blown in insulation in Mississauga is that it brings with it fantastic energy savings by helping to prevent heat loss in your attic. This long-term benefit provides you with better home energy efficiency, lower monthly bills, and a reduced maintenance needs for your major appliances. Blown in insulation is also an economical option, making it an excellent choice for the homeowner wanting to add to their investment and create a more comfortable indoor environment for their family.

Two Types of Blown In Insulation            

At EcoComfort, we offer two different types of blown in insulation in Mississauga. While each installation comes with our expert opinion on which material is right for your home, we like to offer our customers a range of options when choosing new insulation for their attic.

Loose Fill Fibreglass: Blown in fibreglass insulation offers similar benefits - with better coverage - than its traditional form as a big pink batt. Made from glass that has been blown or spun into a fibrous shape, it is an excellent option for attics and wall cavities, with the added effect of being mold and mildew resistant.

Cellulose Insulation: Recycling is a habit in our homes, workplaces, and public spaces - and some of that recycled newspaper, cardboard and waste paper can be turned into an effective insulation product. Treated with borates, a fire retardant, cellulose insulation is a great option for those interested in having a greener option for their home.

Your home is as unique as you, so one product may be a better fit depending on the needs of your home. An EcoComfort professional will help you determine which type of blown in insulation in Mississauga will suit your attic and your budget to help make the decision process easy.

Consult a Professional for Your Blown In Insulation Needs

The key part of any blown in insulation in Mississauga installation is in contracting the right professional. At EcoComfort, our installations all come with friendly, knowledgeable service and a thorough examination of your attic, ventilation systems, and other factors that will help you make the right decision for your home. Attics are all we do, which makes our teams incredibly knowledgeable and accurate in their installations. All of our products are covered under warranty and are safe to use in your home. We’d be happy to tell you more about our services offering attic insulation in Mississauga, so please get in touch at 416-333-4554.

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